THE DANGER OF FAMILIARITY – Part One!!! -Pastor Bimbo Animashaun

Never get to the point of familiarity with God. It’s a dangerous place to be in ministry and in the Christian life generally.

It’s a subtle plot of the enemy to rob you of your destiny. You have to be discerning enough to know when you’re about to cross that line.

Familiarity breeds contempt while intimacy breeds respect. Truth is that you can get into familiarity with God without “knowing”.

You’ve got to check your heart, posture and attitude to the things of God regularly to stay on course.

A quick one here: What does Jesus weigh in your heart now compared to when you first fell in love with Him?

What’s your attitude to God’s Word now and prayer? When God speaks to you, do you appreciate that privilege deep inside of you or do you just feel it’s your “right” hence you take His word for granted?

When you flow under the anointing to bless God’s precious people and testimonies stream in like a river, are you quick to go on your face before the Lord to give Him all the glory or you just think in your heart, “It’s a normal thing?”.

What’s your attitude like to the burdens that the Holy Spirit brings to your heart regularly? Do you respond to them or do you say by your body language that God is disturbing you?

What’s your attitude to divine corrections? Do you repent immediately or do you try to explain to God why you did what and what have you?

Believers are so “RIGHT-CONSCIOUS” that we often forget to be “PRIVILEGE-CONSCIOUS”, and that’s not a balanced equation.

Some people, like Eli’s children, Hopni and Phinehas always feel that the anointing is their “family property” and as such they take God for granted untill they lose their place in the agenda of God.

Every morning I wake up or any time people testify of the workings of God’s Grace in my life, I always tell God, “God, Thank You for everything… You’re my Source of light. You’re my Source of insight. You’re my Source of revelation. You’re my Source of inspiration. You’re my Source and Sustainer…”.


He said in His Word:

For all those things hath mine hand made, and all those things have been, saith the LORD: but to this man will I look, even to HIM THAT IS POOR AND OF A CONTRITE SPIRIT, AND TREMBLETH AT MY WORD.

Beloved, that’s what God looks for in His vessels. Never get into familiarity with God – IT’S DANGEROUS!!!

The danger is that you take God for granted, and WHEN YOU TAKE GOD FOR GRANTED, YOU WILL BE GROUNDED.

Always remember that GOD IS GOD AND MAN IS MAN. It is the “GOD FACTOR” that makes people to call us “MEN OF GOD”.

Remove the “GOD FACTOR”, we become empty shells with no worth and value.

I thank God that with all the great exploits that He does through our hands, we can still fall into His loving embrace and say, “Thank You Father for your enabling Grace”.

I tell you friend it’s a sweet place to ALWAYS be. Let that be your motivation everyday and you will not be able to imagine what God can do through you.

Trust this meets us well Sirs and Mas?

Much Love!!!


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