VOYAGE WITH THE CAPTAIN (Episode 26)- Olumide Fatunsin

After a while, Sunday’s phone rang and he raised his phone to show them who the caller was. They were surprised to see the name of the caller. Sophia wanted to collect the phone but Vincent cautioned her. Immediately Sunday picked it, they heard a loud gunshot. Then, the line went dead. Sunday panicked and screamed in horror for what had happened.

“Blacky has been shot dead. What’s going on?”

Sophia couldn’t understand how Blacky got connected to Sunday. Her suspicion was raised again and wondered how she got herself among them. Vincent and his wife rushed upstairs while Sunday made an attempt to run out of the house.

“Sunday, don’t take that step. Remember your promise.” Sophia warned him.

Sunday broke down in tears and lamented his woes. He knew his past atrocities would soon catch up with him. Sophia surrendered herself into God’s hands not minding what may befall her.

“How did you know Blacky?”

“He worked for one of our bosses.”

“Which one?”

A phone rang. Sophia checked her bag and found out it was Stella’s phone. She picked it out of desperation,

“Hello…Hello… It’s me…”


“Stella… Stella…” The fainting voice of her younger sister raised her hope as she began to bombard her with questions

“Where are you? Is everything OK? Say something… Are you alright?…”

“I don’t know this place. It’s like a bush… Come and rescue me please…” Stella cried out.

Sophia screamed in pain when the line went off. All her attempts to reach her on the phone failed. Vincent and his wife came downstairs in haste.

“What happened? Who called?” Vincent asked.

“My…my…sister…Stella…” She burst into tears again.

Stella James who was near the TV began to study Sunday’s body language. She knew straightaway that something was wrong.

“Tell me what you know about Stella?”

Sunday shook his head to feign ignorance of what she asked him. Sophia wiped her face when she heard her sister’s name.

“I repeat, what do you know about Stella’s disappearance?”

“I don’t know anything…I mean, which Stella?” Sunday asked incoherently.

Sophia went straight to him to handle him properly,

“Do you know anything about Stella Philip?”

“Stella Philip? That name sounds familiar.”

“Answer me!” Sophia shouted.

Sunday tried to remember something and then replied her,

“Ma’am, you took care of me for the past few days and told me about God. It’s my turn to assist you.” Sunday confessed.

“Don’t waste our time. Do you know anything about Stella?” Vincent asked angrily.

Sophia signalled to them to allow him to speak,

“Blacky was part of drug traffickers and sometimes in human trafficking. We were informed last month of some ladies ready to be trafficked through the North Africa to Europe.”

“Europe? How? Stella James asked surprisingly.

“I was part of them before my boss took another business which had saved us from troubles…”

“But you just said you were informed last month? Why are you contradicting yourself?” Vincent scolded him.

“Calm down sir.” Sunday politely told him.

“Me? Calm down? You’d better mind your tongue…” Stella quickly cautioned her husband who was visibly annoyed.

Sophia beckoned to him to continue,

“We know what’s going in this state. I have dabbled into dubious trades before but God has saved me now.” Sunday said joyfully.

“Leave God out of it! Tell us the truth or else, I will deal with you.” Vincent roared again.

Sophia pleaded with him to allow Sunday speak his mind.

“Ok, let’s go!”

“Where?” They chorused together.

“To the bush!”

“Which bush?” Sophia asked anxiously.

“The evil bush where human beings rarely come back alive.” Sunday told them plainly.

“Are you sure of what you are saying?” Stella James asked.

“Sophia, remember the couple that were kidnapped from your town 10:years ago?”


“They were killed inside that bush.”


“Yes! Some powerful people in your town were privy to it.”

Sophia broke down in tears hearing the long awaited truth. Sunday was confused when he saw how she became sorrowful.

“Do you know the couple?” Stella James asked her.

“My parents! My dear parents!!” Sophia screamed.

They all became sober and came near to comfort her. Sunday who really broke down began to plead for mercy.

“Did you lay your hands on them? Vincent asked him.


“Then, tell us what you know about it.” He commanded him..

“One of my former bosses knew about it. In fact, he lost his wife and a child as a result of his contribution. That marked the beginning of his sorrow.” Sunday confessed.

Sophia braced up to risk whatever it would take to rescue her sister. She told him to lead the way but he cautioned her to tread softly.

“I’m sure Blacky was killed because of his attempt to rescue her.”

“You are talking nonsense. Arrant nonsense! How did you know that? Why did he call your number?” Vincent probed him.

“Bring your phone and compare the phone numbers.” Sunday challenged him.

Vincent compared Blacky’s number and the number that called Stella’s phone. Vincent was convinced when he found out the truth.

“But why did he call you knowing fully well that you are already dead? Vincent asked.

“Don’t go there again. He isn’t dead. I believe God is working out something great.” Sophia reassured him.

“Leave God out of it!” Vincent told them.

Sunday was about to respond when they saw …

To be continued in Episode 27.

Olumide Fatunsin

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