VOYAGE WITH THE CAPTAIN (Episode 25) -Olumide Fatunsin

At first, she couldn’t see him but decided to come downstairs to be sure all was well. She tiptoed on the stairs until she reached the middle stair. Fear gripped her when she saw Sunday sitting on the floor with his back leaned on the wall reading the tract she had left on the center table.

“Ma’am, I have read this tract almost four times now. Is it true that hell fire is prepared for the devil and the sinners? I’m scared!” Sunday asked her immediately he saw her.

Sophia looked around to be sure he was asking the right question with the right motive.

“Yes! I was skeptical before but not anymore. I read it in my Bible and I believed it. It is a horrible place.” Sophia told him.

“I don’t want my mother to go there. Ha! I want to see my mother and explain this to her. How can I tell my boss too?”

“Sunday, you will speak with your mother but as for your boss, you need wisdom. Aren’t you tired? Take time to rest.” Sophia admonished him.

“To rest? No! My heart is burning as I read this tract. Something is urging me to tell others about Jesus. I don’t have much knowledge about Him but I just want to share this same tract too. Where can I get it?”

Sophia wanted to avoid his question but he pleaded with her to answer him.

“I will contact the address in the tract later in the afternoon. You can pray to God to help you. Take care.”

Sunday asked her to wait for a minute,

“I don’t know how to pray. How? I want to but nothing meaningful is coming out of my mouth.”

“Ok, just talk to God the same way you talk to your friends. Jesus is now your friend. He is with you right now. Tell him everything and He will answer you. Is that clear. Good night.” Sophia left him.

Sunday rose up from the floor immediately and lay on the sofa. He started praying to God in his own way and later slept off. He dreamt of some people on a long queue asking him to return their inheritances. When he refused, they started running after him until he reached a great river. There were deadly animals in the river waiting to strike while the people stood some meters away asking for their inheritances. He was in this dilemma when he woke up. He looked around to be sure it wasn’t real but he made up his mind to find out the meaning of the dream.

They had their breakfast and Sunday was enjoying the attention and care Sophia and Stella James gave him. As promised, Sunday called one of his friends to ascertain the situation on ground.

“Hello, who are you?” His friend spoke first.

Vincent beckoned to him not to speak.

“Please, where did you find his phone?” The trembling voice of his friend raised their curiousity.

Vincent asked him to talk,

“Hello. It’s me, Sunday.”

“Which Sunday? Are you still alive? Ha! Where are you? Someone told us your dead body was found near the bush and later disappeared …” Vincent cut the line.

They looked at one another surprisingly. Sophia was a bit fearful because she had heard several stories of ghosts and their practices. Aunty Rebecca once told her that her parents’ spirits would torment her if she ever disclosed anything done in their house to anyone. The more she tried not to believe it, the more her fainting heart made it real through her strange dreams.

“Please, tell me. Am I a ghost? I knew something was wrong when that madwoman came knocking on the door early in the morning some days ago. I told you it wasn’t ordinary but you didn’t believe me. Please, am I alive?” Sunday panicked.

“No, you are a ghost. A very handsome ghost. That’s the reason we brought you here. We love staying with them.” Vincent said jokingly.

“Oh no… That’s an expensive joke. Sunday, you aren’t a ghost but a new creature in God.” Sophia assured him.

Still in doubt, he added,

“Does it mean a new creature in God won’t be recognized again by his friends? Where did they see my dead body? I’m in trouble. Sophia, tell me the truth.”

Vincent and his wife kept watching how Sunday was fidgeting. God gave Sophia an unusual wisdom to pass a message through her

“The same way your friends thought you are dead physically, the same way you are dead to sin through Christ Jesus when you surrendered your life to him. You are now alive to righteousness through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.”

“Wow! This is an eye-opening experience Indeed. I’m not a ghost but a new creature in Christ Jesus.” Sunday exclaimed.

Sophia was even surprised how she got that revelation. She had heard some of her friends sharing the word of God with her and others. She once raised her hand for an altar call when a Preacher came to her university but she was talked out of it by one of her friends. Georgina told her that her trials and persecutions would increase if she ever went ahead with godliness. To buttress her point, she told her how she nailed one of her aunts who didn’t see eye to eye with a false allegation.

“My aunt mellowed and accorded the proper respect for me. Imagine if I had believed the type of forgiveness the Bible talked about, how would I have dealt with her? No way! We aren’t fools!” Georgina opined.

The anger and hatred for her uncle made Sophia succumbed to her line of thought. She had planned how her uncle and his wife would be charmed to sweep their town with small brooms until they lose their reputation and energy. Stella, her younger sister once told her how she would deal with them.

“I will liaise with a prostitute from another state to lure him into his matrimonial bed and I would be the first person to call that wicked aunty Rebecca to see her cruel husband. In fact, I would call the neighbours to come and see their king’s friend. The shame would be unbearable for them.” Stella promised.

After a while, Sunday’s phone rang and he raised his phone to show them who the caller was. They were surprised to see the name of the caller. Sophia wanted to collect the phone but Vincent cautioned her. Immediately Sunday picked it, they heard a loud…

To be continued in Episode 26.

Olumide Fatunsin

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