LOVE, APOLOGY AND GRATITUDE!!! (Vital Ingredients That Make Your Marriage Sizzle) -Pastor Bimbo Animashaun


Three statements that must not be lacking in every relationship:

(1)I Love You.

(2)I’m Sorry.

(3)Thank You.

They cement every viable and thriving marital relationship. They show LOVE, HUMILITY and GRATITUDE.

Don’t be too SHY to say “I LOVE YOU”; don’t be too PROUD to say “I’M SORRY” and don’t be too FORGETFUL to say “THANK YOU”.

You cannot be wrong making these statements regularly!!!

LOVE not EXPRESSED will be SUPPRESSED. The verbal expression of love in a conjugal union unleashes fresh wine into it while a refusal to do same is not healthy for it.

Always seek to express your love for your partner in WORD and in DEED.

Also, learning to say “I’m sorry” will not reduce you. It is rather a show of maturity.

It shows that you can bring your emotions under control.

You don’t go into marriage to FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHTS. Marriage is not about Human Rights Activism.

Anyone who says “I’m sorry” more whether he or she is at fault or not is wiser and more mature than the other partner.

You can always judge your spirituality level in marriage by the frequency with which you admit and apologize for wrong doing.

Then learn to appreciate your partner. Don’t have a sense of entitlement in any relationship because it will ruin it.

Whatever gesture shown to you by your partner should not been seen as “little”.

In relating with this, see beyond the ACT into the HEART behind it and then appreciate it deliberately and intentionally.

Don’t say, “What’s the big deal? Afterall he or she is my partner”.

But friend, remember that many people are praying that their partners will at least do for them what you take for granted.

Appreciate every gesture coming from your partner and mean it from your heart.

Never take your partner for granted. Remember, ANY RELATIONSHIP YOU TAKE FOR GRANTED WILL BE GROUNDED!

Happy Sunday!!!


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