VOYAGE WITH THE CAPTAIN (Episode 24) – Olumide Fatunsin

Sunday was still in tears when Vincent and his wife stood behind him. Sophia looked at them and noticed their changed countenance. Before she could say anything, they brought out a file containing some documents. Sophia didn’t understand what was happening. However, Sunday was still in his repentance state oblivious of what was going on.

Vincent and his wife asked Sophia to sit down and they told her to be of good comfort.

“Any news about my sister? Please,tell me.” Sophia asked anxiously.

Stella James assured her that her sister would be found. She asked Sophia to follow her upstairs. She was doubtful at first but summoned courage to take the risk. Stella was full of smiles when she asked her to sit on a chair in the bedroom.

Stella James cleared her throat and began to explain her mission to Nigeria.

“I’m from Sierra Leone and grew up there. My husband is a Nigerian and we got married three years ago. My father was a businessman before he died and had a dear friend who worked with him some years ago.”

Sophia paid rapt attention as she continued her story,

“My father loved this man because of his honesty and dedication. They later partnered together in a Cocoa and Coffee business until the man fled because of the war. My father tried to contact him for some years before he passed away.”

“I’m so sorry.” Sophia sympathised.

“It’s Ok. Before he died, he asked me to look for him. I promised him and my husband supported my decision to come to Nigeria ”

Sophia was getting impatient as the story went on,

“My husband contacted some of his friends who took it upon themselves to find the whereabouts of the man until a friend mentioned Mr Joseph”

“Which Joseph?”

“Your uncle.”

“My uncle? How? I don’t understand.”

Stella James paused and continued,

“One of your uncle’s business partners in Lagos gave us his address. Immediately we came down to ask for the man”

“Which man?”

“Mr Gabriel Philips!”

“What! My father?”

Stella nodded and hugged her to sympathise with her. Sophia couldn’t utter a word for a moment.

“I’m sorry for what happened. Your uncle told me everything. He told me how it happened.”

“What did he tell you?” Sophia asked her.

“That they were involved in ghastly car accident.”

“Car accident?” Sophia sighed deeply.

Stella put her right arm around her shoulder,

“Sophia, I know the truth. What he told me didn’t corroborate with what an elderly man I met at the motor park told me. In fact, the way your uncle was asking personal questions and his eagerness to know my mission raised my suspicion too. I felt something was fishy and I made up my mind to tread carefully.”

“Ma’am, that man is dangerous. He knew the truth of our parents’ death but he turned a blind eye. He is so cruel and has been maltreating us. In fact, I suspected he knows about my sister’s whereabouts. I’m tired of staying in that house.”

“And the time is now. God has smiled on you and brought His blessings into your life.” Stella spoke confidently.


“My father left a huge amounts of money for your father for his service of love and his own contribution.”

“My father?”


Stella gave her the file and explained what was in it. Sophia couldn’t control her tears as she expressed the shock of what had been bequeathed to her family. It took Stella a while to pacify and assure her of change of level God had brought her way. Stella warned her not to disclose it to anyone.

They later came downstairs to meet Sunday and Vincent who were deep in their discussion.

“Thank you very much for your efforts.” Sophia stretched out her hand to him and he returned her gesture with a smile.

Stella turned to Sunday,

“Are you ready now?”

“Of course. He is ready. He has revealed a lot to me and the ball is in his courts.” Vincent told them.

Sophia was still in shock about the fortune bequeathed to them. After the dinner, they all slept in the house for the night. However, Sunday slept alone in the sitting room with the assurance that he would not try anything silly. At midnight, Sophia who couldn’t sleep because of the special package God gave her, peeped to be sure Sunday was in the sitting room.

At first, she couldn’t see him but decided to come downstairs to be sure all was well. She tiptoed on the stairs until she reached the middle stair. Fear gripped her when she saw …

To be continued in Episode 25.

Olumide Fatunsin

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