THE RIGHT PLUG (Episode 25) – Olumide Fatunsin

When it was time to dance, Rafa held me close and continued to whisper, “Meine Liebe” (My love) and I was enjoying the moment until I began to feel dizzy. All I knew was someone carried me away and struggled with me. By the time I woke up, I didn’t see anyone in the room. The room was unfamiliar and I tried to recollect how I got there. Immediately I jumped out of the bed, I saw four condoms on the floor. I was too shocked to see I was almost naked and my phone switched off. I dressed up and switched on my phone to check the time.

“What! 7:11 am Sunday…” I rubbed my eyes to be sure of what I saw.

My mind went to the party I attended the previous day. I left the room to be sure of where I was. On getting to the sitting room, I saw Rafa and two guys smoking cigarettes while watching a movie. I was ashamed of myself and asked him to help me as I discovered I couldn’t walk properly again. One of the guys came to me and hugged me with a peck. I was expecting Rafa to do something but he chose to ignore me.

I stood still to regain my strength as I felt strange weakness all over my body. I called Rafa again to assist me, at least to the metro station but he kept smoking. As soon as I opened the door, the second guy began to laugh and called me a beautiful monkey. That racist remark infuriated me to the core as I marvelled at Rafa’s cold attitude. I closed the door behind me as I stepped out of the house.

My phone battery was already flat before I got to the metro station. All I could see was wickedness around me and the old memories of evils I had experienced in my country started playing out while waiting for the metro. I thought of what might be going on in my aunt’s mind and the scolding awaiting me at home.

On a second thought, I took a metro from the opposite side to Nadia’s house to cover up my whereabouts. Within ten minutes, I was at her house. She was surprised to see my condition and quickly took me to the bathroom and offered to prepare food for me. Another thing that surprised me was her unwillingness to ask what happened but decided to take care of me first. I took my bath, dressed up and sat on one of the chairs in her small apartment.

She set Kenyan beef and potato Pilau (Spiced rice) before me and I descended on it like a hungry lion who found a stray deer near him. She sat opposite me watching me as I ate the food and sobbing. Her action really overwhelmed me as she refused to say anything. It was as if she knew what happened to me. When I finished eating, she packed the plates and the empty glass of water to the kitchen.

I started feeling awkward by her action and at the same time wondering what she might say next. I had already made up my mind not to disclose what happened in Rafa’s house. She looked at me and asked,

“Rebecca, tell me what happened?”

“Nothing!” I replied.

“Rebecca, tell me what happened?”

I wanted to reply but held back when I saw real love on her face. I wanted to be sure if she had a premonition of what happened.

“Nadia, why did you ask?”

“Aunt Sharon called me yesterday evening to confirm if you had left. I wasn’t surprised because I knew you were in Rafa’s birthday party.”

“What did you tell her?” I already knew the answer before asking her.

“I told her you didn’t come to my house.” She told me bluntly.

I knew trouble was looming at home. I knew what my aunt was capable of doing. She had warned me several times never to cross the boundary or else, she would send me packing. Nadia gave me my phone which was almost fully charged to call my aunt. I pleaded with her to speak with her first to douse tension.

She called my aunt with my phone to plead on my behalf. Her words melted my aunt’s heart and she even joked with her. My aunt once told me that Kenya was her second country because of one of her friends who accommodated her when she first arrived Germany many years ago. In fact, my aunt sometimes spoke to Nadia in Swahili.

“Thank you so much for your help.” I thanked her.

“Rebecca, what are friends for? A friend is someone who is on your side. As long as God is on the throne, I will keep playing my role in your life.” She confessed to me.

The guilt of what had happened in Rafa’s house weighed me down as she talked with me. It seemed she was reading my mind when she asked again,

“Rebecca, what happened between you and Rafa?”

I didn’t know how I started weeping. My guilty heart burst out and I couldn’t control myself as I began to curse Rafa and his friends for defiling me. Nadia put my head on her shoulder and whispered “it is well”. Truly, I didn’t need any sermon or questions but she knew the right words to say. The more she whispered “it is well”, the more peaceful I became. After a while, my mother’s call came in and I quickly cheered up to allay any suspicion.

“Rebecca, hope all is well?” That was her first question without greeting me. I knew my mother was in the spirit to perceive her daughter was in a mess.

Tears started rolling down my face and she asked again,

“Ronke mi owon, hope all is well? We are praying for you and all will be well.” Her words brought an unusual peace to my heart as we discussed and concluded that I would call her the following day.

When she ended the call, I cried bitterly for betraying her trust and messing up my life in a foreign country. My aunt wasn’t helping me in terms of moral life and some strange powers were restraining me to think straight. As I looked at Nadia, it was as if I was looking at an angel. She beckoned to me to share what was going on in my mind.

“I was doped and gang raped!” I screamed.

“Rafa and his friends?”

“Yes! My life is ruined. My dream is shattered. Who will help me?” I cried bitterly.

Nadia held my hands as I confessed to her about our immoral calls and chats and his promises to always help me.

“I’m sorry for what happened. I can feel your pain. Rebecca, God will heal your heart. I’m sorry.” She comforted me.

For the first time, I didn’t struggle or resist to be helped by this God. She continued to tell me how God could mend my life and heal me completely. She took her Bible and read some verses to me and everything was new to me again. I started longing to be embraced by this loving God and be forgiven until I heard a voice from …

To be continued in Episode 26.

Olumide Fatunsin

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