THE SYMPTOMATIC CHANGE – Evangelist Ikechukwu Peter


No one who has been born from God practices sin, because God’s seed abides in him. Indeed, he cannot go on sinning, because he has been born from God (1John 3:9).

To understand the above scriptural affirmation we must look at it from two or more other translations. It literally means that whoever is born of God does not continue in sin as a life style. It is one thing to be under the dominon of sin and another thing to fall into sin. Anybody who has the seed of God must experience what is called a symtomatic change….this is the elementary evidence.

I have asked some people a particular question and they have all provided one same answer. The question is:

“If a man confesses Jesus today and yet continues as armed robber until death is he still saved, will he make heaven?…..their answers have been an unanimous “YES”, because he got saved forever ” ….With this, I concluded that the problem is that they do not understand the very “abc” of the doctrine of salvation which is in theology called “SOTERIOLOGY”. No man that is truly saved will continue in his old life.

The word “seed” as used in the scripture above is the same greek word as; spóros which connotes spérma meaning semen, sperm or germ. It means God was/is actually likening a believer to a pregnant woman. When a woman is pregnant, it means that the sperm from a man fertilized the egg in her womb. The moment you got genuinely saved the seed of God fertilized your spirit man (regeneration) and just like a pregnant woman there are symptomatic changes that proves the authenticity of that experience. The woman begins to reject some food she ate in the past, she begins to get appetite for some kind of foods, her body begins to experience changes……this is not because she wants but indeed because the seed (new Life) in her has influenced the functionality of her system to a particular choice pattern. As long as that seed is in her, she changes in look and taste. She can not use certain clothes again because her present stature would not just accept it. John explains that a change takes place as long as this seed is in you. Every true salvific experience is evidentiated by these symptomatic changes. A man who was a drunk and smoker can no longer do such, not because some one told him but because there is a seed inside him that now abhors such taste. If a person who claims to be born again is busy trying to search the scriptures to see where it is written ” You shall not smoke”……this maybe a pointer that he was never saved in the first place.

What is therefore my preoccupation?

It is painful that we think everyone who confesses Jesus is truly saved…..have you forgotten (Matt 15:8, Iss 29:13) they call me Lord with their mouth but their hearts are far from me. If you see salvation as just a mere confession of Christ then you are equally lost. Salvation is from a seed planted into a right heart before confession is made ( Rom 10:10). The disaster is that a guy who came to look for girl friend in the Church can pretentiously recite the sinners prayer, if by chance he falls into the hand of a preacher who tells him as long as you have now confessed JESUS you can not lose your salvation again, God does not look at your sin again. The young man was never saved in the first place so he continues his old life and thinks he is going to heaven. This is because anything that has to do with a change of life is seen as legalism by licentious preachers. They fail to understand that there must be a symptomatic change to evidentiate genuine salvation.

Is it not even a shame that a Christian can not be an example in the society?

By this shall men know that you are my disciples….this means once you are born again, there is a change that follows. Therefore, anyone that tells you that as soon as you confess Jesus, your life style does not matter again, has deceived you.

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