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PASTOR TUNDE:Good morning to you, Pastor John,

PASTOR JOHN: Good morning my brother in the Lord,

PASTOR TUNDE:How are you sir, and the ministry?

PASTOR JOHN:Hmn! by the grace of God I will be fine, but the ministry is not fine at all,

PASTOR TUNDE:Is that why you have been wearing a gloomy face?

PASTOR JOHN:How can I be happy when my ministry is down?

PASTOR TUNDE: Well you are right,

PASTOR JOHN:Pastor Tunde, please tell me the secret to your success in ministry,

PASTOR TUNDE:It’s God my brother,

PASTOR JOHN:I have tried everything, I have fasted and prayed, but it’s not working,

PASTOR TUNDE:Pray more, God will help you out. HA HA HA!!!

PASTOR JOHN:Are you mocking me?

PASTOR TUNDE:No am not, am just asking you to be more fervent in your prayers to God,


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