Romance has its place, but have you ever thought of your marriage as warfare? – Fierce Marriage

Romance has its place, but have you ever thought of your marriage as warfare? (No, we’re not referring to arguments, though they’re part of the bigger battle for sure.)

Many are familiar with the idea that marriage is about more than your happiness—it’s about your holiness (thanks to Gary Thomas for that gem). But what are the implications of such a claim? And what could be the result if couples take it seriously?

Marriage is warfare with battles raging on at least three fronts: your heart, your household, and your community. The key is to remember that if you’re unified in Christ, you’re fighting the battles together! That one truth will unify you and fortify you to fight well in whatever battle you face.

1. The battle for your heart
As you fight to “crucify the passions of your flesh” (Gal 5:24)—pride, lust, anger, envy, and selfishness)—you are fighting your own flesh, but you’re not fighting alone. The enemy would sell you the lie that you are alone and even against your spouse in your battle. Don’t buy it. FIght together with Christ clear in sight.

2. The battle for your household
Every victory won for your marriage is a victory won for your children. God designed and instituted the biblical household *so that* all involved would flourish and glorify him as a result. The enemy would sell you the lie that the home and biblical values are arbitrary. Don’t buy it. Fight alongside your husband/wife for truth, unity, and peace in your home.

3. The battle for your community
“As the household goes, so goes every other institution of society.” (C.R. Wiley) Traditional family is no longer normal. It’s radical. And truly biblical marriage is especially radical. The enemy would sell us a lie that it’s an outdated institution, ripe for deconstruction and irrelevant for human flourishing. Don’t buy it. Instead, be united as husband and wife in the call to live as lights in a dark place.

Marriage is warfare, this is clear. Be sure you’re fighting alongside and not against each other. Seek unity in your home as you gather around God’s truth, and fight your battle faithfully knowing full well the greatest war was won on the cross.

Christ at any cost,



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