20 Prayers for Nigeria @60 – Awe Hilary

1. Father we thank You for Nigeria, and for keeping us together as a Nation – (Psalm 95:2).

2. Father we plead for mercy on behalf of Nigeria for all the atrocities, injustices, and every form of vices perpetrated by Nigerians, which are contrary to your word (2 Chronicles 7:14).

3. Father subject the heart of our Leaders to your will, that they may lead Nigeria in your wisdom (Proverb 21:1).

4. Father surround our leaders with good advicers, that they may not be misled (Proverb 11:14).

5. Father let Nigeria experience your presence and peace (Phillippians 4:7).

6. Father in anyway that Nigeria has forgotten You, call Nigeria back to Your remembrance (Psalm 22:27-28).

7. Every move of the devil set to promote hatred, tribalism, and every form of divisive tendencies amongst Nigerians, be frustrated (Mark 3:25).

8. Any power calling for the blood of Nigerians, be drunk in your own blood (Isaiah 49:26).

9. Leaders with a satanic mandate to trouble Nigeria, Lord trouble them and let your anger be fierce on them (Joshua 7:25).

10. Father we pray for the prosperity of Nigeria in all areas (Jeremiah 29:7).

11. Let the armies of the wicked troubling Nigeria come to sudden destruction (Proverb 6:14-15).

12. Father let your righteousness be established in Nigeria (Proverb 14:34).

13. Every gang up against the body of Christ in Nigeria, Arise O’ Lord, rebuke them in Your anger and terrify them with your wrath (Psalm 2:4-5).

14. Father whatever Nigeria has lossed in the past, let there be restoration (Joel 2:25).

15. Father arrest the physical and spiritual armed robbers looting the resources of Nigeria, and bring them to justice (Isaiah 61:8).

16. Any power, principality, or personality promoting immorality, and every form of sexual perversion in Nigeria, be disgraced (1 Corinthians 6:18).

17. Lord let your plan and purpose for Nigeria stand firm (Psalm 33:11).

18. Father, let love dwell amongst the heart of Nigerians, that they may see themselves as brothers and sisters (Collosians 3:14).

19. Father restore peace to all troubled parts in Nigeria, and let anyone making profit from the death of Nigerians and the instability of these areas, be brought to justice (Psalm 145:20).

20. God bless Nigeria

….. In Jesus name, amen.

The Messenger Blog wishes Nigerians a happy Independence Day Celebration.

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