VOYAGE WITH THE CAPTAIN (Episode 22) – Olumide Fatunsin

When he got to the main door, the light went off throwing the whole house into darkness. Fear gripped him when he heard someone trying to open the door…

Vincent looked through the window and saw a woman. He waited for some minutes until the woman left. He quietly opened the door and saw a leaflet at the doorstep. As soon he turned to go inside the woman rose from her hiding place and ran towards him laughing abnormally with rag on her. Vincent almost hurt his ring finger when he tried to close the door.

The mad woman began to bang the door shouting,

“Give me my baby… Give me my sister… Give me my life… I said, give me my sister… Ok…Ok… Take it… Bye…”

After a while, she left crying aloud with incoherent words. Vincent was shocked for what happened and sat on the chair dressing his wounded finger. Sophia was curious to know what he put on the center table. When she took the leaflet, a small paper dropped on the floor. The three of them fastened their eyes on the gospel tract titled:

“Beware: Your sin will find you out!”

Vincent chuckled, Sunday laughed but Sophia pondered on it briefly and brought out her bag. She realised it was the same tract the young boy gave him in the bus the previous day. She was amazed how the same tract found its way again to her through a mad woman. She tried to connect the words of the mad woman with the tract in her hand.

There was a perfect silence as each ruminated on how the night went. Sophia gradually came to the realisation of the need to surrender her life to Jesus Christ as she read the tract. Vincent and Sunday tried to discourage her from reading a religious tract but she ignored them.

“Sunday, you need to take us to your mother before we decide your fate.” Vincent told him.

“Ha! My mother? You want to kill her? This is unfair! Please, just kill me if you want to but…”

Vincent cut in,

“Shut up! Ok, take us then to your boss…”

Sunday suddenly prostrated on the floor with his wounded hand and pleaded,

“Fate brought me in contact with you and I’m sure fate has decided to kill me now. How do you want me to face my cruel boss and survive? If you want, kill me.”

Vincent paused to decide what to do next when she heard Sophia sobbing.

“Hey, why are you crying? Don’t worry, Sunday will reveal all we need to know. Your sister will be found.” He said.

Sophia looked at them and replied joyfully,

“I have been found. Yes, I was lost and He has finally found me.”

Vincent was confused and asked her what she meant.

“Sophia, is everything ok? You weren’t lost. Wherever your sister is, she will be found. Don’t worry.”

Sophia held the gospel tract to her chest and confessed,

“Vincent, I was lost in sin and religion. I was lost in self-righteousness and deceit. I thought I could help myself. I have been running away from him thinking it was a white’s man ideology but I have been found.”

Vincent was getting annoyed by her confession and her being found proclamations. He told her to declare to him plainly what happened.

“Some of my friends have spoken to me about Jesus Christ but I had contrary belief that my own goodness is enough to see me through life. After reading this gospel tract, my sinful state was evident and I have taken a step.”

“What step?” He asked curiously.

“A step of faith by confessing my sins to God and accepting Jesus Christ into my life to be my Lord and Saviour as explained in this tract.” Sophia said with joy.

She gave the tract to him to have a look. As soon as he collected it, he tore it into pieces.

“I hate anything called religion. You read an ordinary paper and you concluded you have been transformed? That’s the problem with religion. Don’t be deceived. Your future is in your hands. Just forge ahead and all will be well in life.

Sophia calmly replied,

“That gospel tract wasn’t an ordinary paper. A boy gave me the same tract in the bus and now a mad woman brought the same tract to our doorstep. Is that ordinary?”

“There’s nothing special about it. Don’t be a fool, Sophia. Think!” Vincent declared to her.

“As for me, there’s something different in the tract. I read it and something propelled me to take the step of faith. I did and felt an unspeakable joy bearing witness in my heart that I’m now a new creature and daughter of God. Jesus Christ has found me. I’m free. I’m free indeed. Vincent, this is real.”

Vincent wasn’t convinced and tried to give her a fake smile.

Sophia looked up to thank God for the new experience and hope in God. Suddenly, Vincent and Sophia looked around but Sunday had disappeared. Vincent checked the main door but it was locked. Sophia ran upstairs to check the rooms.

Vincent had hardly taken four steps on the stairs when he heard Sophia’s cry…

To be continued in Episode 23.

Olumide Fatunsin

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