VOYAGE WITH THE CAPTAIN (Episode 21) – Olumide Fatunsin

She was terrified when he saw him looking in the direction of the door. She turned around with great fear.


Vincent clapped his hands as a sign of victory.

“Who are you?” She asked again.

The motorcyclist raised his voice,

“He is not Gregor. I was scared when I saw him.”

Sophia rose up to meet him but he warned her,

“Sophia, don’t ever cross the boundary or else, I will deal with you. As for this rat, I will kick him out in the next few hours.”

“Nooo, I am ready to cooperate with you. Please…” He pleaded.

Sophia looked at him and then turned to Vincent,

“Hey, mind your utterances. He is cooperating and just watch me as I handle him.”

The motorcyclist heaved a sigh of relief and continued his confession,

“I began to go down into the dark world until one woman approached me.”

“Wait!” she cut in and began to record his confession secretly.

“A woman?”

“Yes! She has a daughter and they are involved in trafficking young girls to other countries. I helped them to rob some of their agents and used to receive a great kickback. Please, I want to drink water.”

“No!” Vincent shouted.

“You will drink and drink to your satisfaction when you finish your own part of the deal.” She reassured him.

“Later, two prominent men in that town approached me to grab some lands from a family living around the proposed site for the new shopping complex.”

“Will you keep quiet? Why all these stories? Who sent you?” Vincent questioned him angrily.

“Hey, keep quiet. I am in charge here. I know what I am doing.” She replied him without looking at him.

He was furious because of her response,

“Sophia, I’m sure you are out of your mind. How dare you! I brought you into this house and helped you to catch this fellow. And you are here talking nonsense. Mind your words!”

“Oh, thank you Mister Vincent for trying to rape a helpless woman and threatening to throw her out. A man will be reduced to a piece of bread the day he tries to go beyond the boundary with an opposite sex who values her dignity. Think deeply and do the needful.” She rose up and spat on his face.

He raised his hand to slap her but she blocked it.

“Hey, you’d better don’t lose the remaining respect I have for you. After all, you have shown the stuff you are made of. You lack self-control.” She declared.

He stood there wondering how she gained that audacity to challenge him. He thought for a while and quietly left the room and locked it. He remembered what a friend told him that the moment a man taints his reputation with immoral talk before a woman, the walls of respect would be destroyed at once and that without remedy.

Sophia wasn’t perturbed but continued with the motorcyclist.

“By the way, what is your name?”

“Ma, I am a motorcyclist.”

“Answer me!”

“Ma, Em… Em… I am Sunday, the son of Monday the ladder of success who helped Tuesday to climb to the final rung of Friday, the concubine of Saturday.”

“Who is joking with you? I said, what is your name?”

“Ma, I am not joking. My name is Sunday, the motorcyclist.”

“So, you deceived people with your transportation business?”

“Yes, but here in the state capital I have a car and a decent house.” He said.

“Sunday, who is your direct boss?”



“Do you know him?” He asked.

She held her head as if in pain.

“What happened ma’am?” He asked again.

“Do you know an incident that shook that town 10 years ago?” She asked.

“Hmm…about the secret love affairs between Chief Alfred and the wife of the Colonel?”




“The death of the two missionaries?”


“Oh… Oh… the kidnapping of a couple from their land” He replied.

“What do you know about it?

“Griso has an accomplice in your town.”

“Where is Griso?”

“Em.. Em… He is somewhere around the city”

“Where?” she shouted.

Her shouting prompted Vincent to rush inside with a knife and he walked towards her.

“Do whatever you want to do, Murderer” she said with her hands up.

Sunday sprang up to defend her but was deeply hurt.

“Vincent, what have you done? Are you insane?”

“No, I thought he wanted to harm you.” He apologised.

He quickly went to pick the first aid box and dressed him. Sunday was still in pain when the doorbell rang.

Vincent checked the wall clock and it was five minutes to six.

He wondered who could be at the door so early in the morning.

Sunday beckoned to her not to open the door but Vincent insisted he would open it.

He collected the pistol from her and moved towards the door. However, Sophia and Sunday hid in the same room in fear.

When he got to the main door, the light went off throwing the whole house into darkness. Fear gripped him when he heard someone trying to open the door…

To be continued in Episode 22.

Olumide Fatunsin

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