DEFINE PEOPLE EARLY IN MINISTRY!!! – Pastor Bimbo Animashaun

Not EVERYBODY can be your friend in ministry, and you can’t ALWAYS have a VERY CLOSE AND INTIMATE relationship with everyone.

There are people with whom you maintain A DISTANT RELATIONSHIP and there are people you will need to bring into your close circles.

You know; it’s a bitter pill to swallow but that’s the truth. It’s not every minister you see that can handle INTIMATE RELATIONSHIP with you; you will only enjoy your relationship with them AT A DISTANCE.

And the truth also is that there are ministry relationships that transcend distant connection into a more intimate arrangement.

There are things that fathers of Faith are learning later in ministry and we can glean some lessons from them especially if you still have long years ahead of you.

Have you ever wondered why some ministers invite the same set of ministers to their meetings over the decades?

I think they will have a couple of things to say about that. That doesn’t mean that they don’t invite other people to speak for them but I’m talking about frequency here.

You see, experience has shown that not all ministers have the maturity and largeness of heart to handle closeness or intimate relationships.

Some will get familiar with you; some will get threatened by the operations of God in your life; some will engage in competition with you; some will see one or two faults and blow them out of proportion, PLUS LOTS MORE!

We just need to apply wisdom with everything that we do in ministry. We put right structures to ministry relationships to strengthen our work and to also shut the door against offence.

Jesus didn’t bring everyone into His close circles. He had 70 disciples; He had 12 apostles and then among the 12, He also had 3 “confidants” (Peter, James and John) whom He instructed not to disclose what they saw on the mount of transfiguration untill He rose from the dead – Matt.17:9.

It was years later that Peter talked about that encounter in his epistle – 2 Pet.1:17-18.

Truth is that there are people in your life whose relationship with you ends on social media and there are those that God may want you to take it further. You must be discerning!

Sometimes you can admire a man of God from afar and you can draw from his ministry but the moment you get close, you begin to take offence because what you saw on Television or social media platforms was the picture of “an angel”.

I know what I’m talking about friends. It is one thing for one to break “revs” and “exegesis” but a different thing to truly have the heart of a father or the heart of a friend that believes in people’s future.

When you see people that have genuine interest in you and believe in your future and they’re at peace with God’s plan for your life, please don’t discard them like a piece of paper.

Not every minister is like that, and THAT’S THE BITTER TRUTH. You’ve got to define people early in ministry!

Some people are not just comfortable with your level of visibility. It shows in their words and actions. What do you do! Cut off from them. No sentiments here; this is your destiny!

Also, when you relate with people who don’t understand your calling and they choose not to understand it, you’ve got a lot of troubles in your hand.

They will misjudge and misrepresent your motives. They will think you’re into SHOWMANSHIP while doing what God called you to do, not knowing that you’re simply in PARTNERSHIP with the Spirit of Grace.

Those who are not on the same page with you will slow you down if you bring them into your close quarters.

Such people may see something (which is not bad) around you that they don’t understand, and instead of seeking clarification, they will go to their own platforms to blow it out of proportion. You need to be very careful!

You can categorize people in your life into PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE.

There are people in your PAST and they belong to your past while God may want you to bring a few of them into your PRESENT and FUTURE.

There are people in your PRESENT that belong to your present while a sizeable number of them will transit with you into the FUTURE by God’s predetermined counsel but they must meet up with the requirement of walking in goodwill towards you and towards God’s plan for your life.

Then, there are people that belong to your FUTURE and you have not met them but God has ordained that you will be together.

When you eventually meet them too, both of you must also walk in goodwill towards each other for the relationship to be sustained. It’s not something automatic!

There are too many reasons why God-ordained relationships break up in ministry.

The bottom line is that you walk in the SPIRIT and not in the FLESH and you trust the Spirit of God to discern people very early in ministry so that you don’t shoot yourself in the leg.

Having done that, you will minimize TO A VERY HIGH DEGREE the kinds of heartaches and heartbreaks that people experience in ministry.


Trust this is a blessing Sirs and Mas?



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