God is still in the business of saving lives and Joseph Banda happens to be one of the people who has experienced the transformation power of God. He rejoices as he testifies of the mercy and the grace of God over his life after being set free from homosexuality and satanism. He came to Fountain of Victory Church at Victory Land on a mission to test and attack the man of God, Apostle Joseph Ziba but his life story changed when he encountered God in the midst of the service and came out a transformed man.

Joseph narrates that it all started when he met a white man who proposed to him as he was having morning run at Sunnyside, Blantyre. Though he was bound into drunkenness at that time, this surprised him but later got connected to the white man who gave him a large amount of money at their first date. This attracted Joseph and he started dating the man. This man did not only introduce him to homosexuality but also initiated him into satanism during the five months they dated. At this point, Joseph’s life was in a big mess that he slept with countless fellow men in this country and was also chosen as one of the board members of the gay people where he advocated for the rights of such people and arranged for their medical attention with doctors. He was also well known for his scandalous activities on social media.

“When I got initiated into satanism, I was given a mission to initiate men that are straight into homosexuality and would use their semen as a sacrifice it in the secret world. In the process, I would transfer that spirit in their lives which would never leave them unless there is divine intervention”, he explained. He continued to explain that after accomplishing that mission, he caused accidents on the roads and was now on a mission of attacking and bringing down men of God. He confessed to have brought down seven men of God.

One Sunday morning, he came to Fountain of Victory Church at Victory Land on a mission to attack the man of God, Apostle Ziba. “When the man of God started ministering the Word of God, I couldn’t look at him because he was shining and was standing with the angels. In the course of the ministration, the man of God started speaking in tongues and the first tongue hit me and I fell down under the power of God. At that moment, I left my body and I went to heaven where I was taken to hell and there I found an account of everything i was doing on earth (drunkenness, homosexuality, satanism et cetera). I was also taken to paradise and among the people I saw there was Apostle Ziba. Then I was taken back to hell where I felt the heat of that place and the angel told me to go back on earth and serve God only. When I came back to my body, the man of God called on all those that wanted to give their lives to Christ and I was the first to run to the front where I gave my life to Christ”, narrated Joseph as he explained the experience he had.

Joseph is now a changed man as he is no longer into what he was before he received salvation. He explains that after giving his life to Christ, he went back to his family and apologized to all of them for his past mistakes. On top of that, he also managed to do a three days fasting for the first time and prayed for a sick woman. Joseph is full of Joy for his new life as his friends are also getting transformed through his testimony. Hallelujah!!!

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