ANOTHER ROUTE – Olubusola Seyi- Ajayi

It’s been two hours Diddy returned from the prayer meeting. She could barely remove her shoes before she crashed on the bed.

This was not her first time of attending the prayer meeting but there was something about today’s meeting that caused a new level of hunger and thirst for God to break loose in her.

Prior to now, she had had a good relationship with God and if there was anything she was sure of; it was her love for God. She had believed God for a breakthrough to study Pharmacy in one of the most prestigious University best known to be outstanding for this course; and even though she had been rejected three times before finally the break through came; it had been worth the wait.

Finally, graduation is around the corner and due to her outstanding results; she already got a job offer from two top notch companies.

However, she had began to feel this restlessness in her spirit for a while; whenever she was observing her quiet time ; it pops up as if God was reminding her of their discussion.

For her, making a decision is like being on a suicide mission. But the Lord often remind her and reassures her that “it is not a suscide mission but a success mission”. He goes further to tell her that just as He has said in his words on the book of Jeremiah 29:11; His thoughts towards her are of good and not of evil.

That night, Diddy drenched her bed with tears as she said “Lord, let your will be done”. I know if I want it my way, I would take a another route, but before I was formed, you knew me” so Lord, have your way.

The next day, Diddy dropped her resume in three Girls only secondary with boarding houses. And within a month; she got an offer to teach Biochemistry with Citadel of Great Minds Academy.

On her first day in class, she was nearly thrown off balance. She saw the vivid picture of the three girls the Lord had always shown her beconing to her to help them. They were always crying and looked helpless. She adjusted herself and muttered underneath her breath; Lord Jesus please help me.

After the class, she could not help but think of how wonderful the ways of God her; that the Lord will ask her to loan her 18 months after the University to Him. The Lord had always shown her the picture of these three girls crying and beconing to her to come and help them.

However the Lord wants her to carry out this assignment; she must begin to pray and to wait on the Lord and to ask him for strategy. On the third day, she finally received an answer from the Lord.

On Sunday, Diddy attended the Chapel and enjoyed every bit of the service. She saw girls who were young, naive but hungry for the knowledge of God. Diddy met with the chaplain after the service and they got along like they had known each other before.

Six months after joining Citadel of Great Minds Academy, Diddy walked into the principal’s office to have a chat with her about the Mentorship Programme she had in mind for the girls. Ms Baker, this is a good initiative; I am in support of it.
Ever since you joined us at Citadel you have contributed immersely to moving this institution forward; we are so proud of you said the Principal.

We shall follow all necessary protocols and get back to you. Eight weeks later, the first batch of girls enrolled for the Mentorship Programme. Here was her three girls in class. They Lord drew them to her all by himself.

This platform have the opportunity to have a one on one session with the girls and especially “the three girls”. In addition to taking them.through modules relating to career, preparing for the next phases in life’s journey; managing relationships etc; she spent time on her knees praying for the girls and knowing the mind of God concerning them. Always on her lips were Esther, Mimi, and Deborah.

Although the Lord told her to release 18months of her time after Uni to him, she spent additional six months just to see her girls graduate from high school in flying colours smashing their exams.

Departure was emotional for them as from all of the girls who passed through the Mentorship Programme oragnized by Diddy, these three were the closest to her. They have even introduced her to their parents.

(Ten years later)


Ladies and Gentlemen; it gives me a great honour to.welcome my mentor, the woman whom the Lord used as a Midwife to birth my purpose; the woman who poured into me, invested in me and prayed for me; welcome with me Mrs Diddy James.

The applause in the large audition was deffening. Diddy hugged Mimi. I am proud of the woman you have begun, Dr. Mrs Mimi Jacobs. ” I owe it up to God and to you). Thank you for yeilding yourself to obey the Lord.

Dr. Mrs Mimi Jacobs was unveiling a unique innovation of one of her invention that has attracted a global attention to reduce infant mortality. Esther should have been here, but she is away on a mission trip with her husband to five African Countries, while Deborah has just secured an international position in the banking industry.

That night as Diddy laid in bed, she reflected on how she struggled to lay down Pharmacy to pursue the will of God; she smiles faintly as she recalled how her dad was disappointed in her choice of opting for a secondary school appointment instead of taking up one of the two offers she got then in the top Pharmaceutical companies.

Diddy wrote the following words down in her diary

Dear Lord, when you said I should loan you 18 months of my time after grad; you didn’t not tell me you were arranging my life and ordering my steps. I met the most amazing man of my life in this 18 months; you arranged for me another job offer which made me tour eight countries with mouth watering benefits.

My three girls (Mini, Deborah and Esther) have put me on their monthly payroll even when I never asked for it.
Indeed, nothing used by you or spent on you is a waste. You are indeed a rewarder, I love you Lord.

The End…..

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