VOYAGE WITH THE CAPTAIN (Episode 19) – Olumide Fatunsin

He sent a message to his wife and then lay on the sofa. After few minutes, he was in the dream land.

When it was exactly 3 am, someone opened the door. A tall man came in holding two sharp knives. He smiled and walked towards Vincent who was still sleeping. The man removed his clothes to reveal the two tattoos on his chest.

He danced round the sitting room singing some strange songs. After a while, he picked the two knives, examined them before deciding to use the one on his left hand.

He lifted it up and shook his head vigorously singing a traditional song. He stopped singing abruptly and stabbed Vincent on his chest.

“Yeeee… My chest…” Vincent cried out.

Behold, it was a strange dream.

He rose up to switch on the light. He placed his two hands on his chest to see if there was blood but there was none. His heart was beating faster as he looked around to see if someone was in the room for real.

He hasn’t felt like that before even when he was still in the police force in Sierra Leone. He sat down to ponder on what that dream meant.

He remembered a folklore his mother told him when he was still young about a man who was stabbed in his dream and later became mad.

“No, I reject this dream.” He whispered.

After some minutes, he began to feel pain in his chest. He shifted a bit on the sofa to be sure of what he was feeling.

“My chest is paining me. Maybe, it was because of my sleeping position” He thought as he stood before the sofa.

He concluded it must be his sleeping position. He also remembered what one of his friends, Donald told him about drinking his urine after he had a terrible dream.

“He never had a bad dream again. I need to do likewise.” He whispered in despair again.

He rose up and went to the toilet upstairs.

While he was still there, Sophia entered the toilet without knocking.

“Haa… Who are you?” She asked out of fear and closed the door.

Vincent who was lost in thought whether to drink his urine or not lost his balance and spilled it on the floor.

He took a towel and mopped the floor quickly.

“Sophia, I am sorry.” He begged her when he came out.

She stood in front of her bedroom wearing her skimpy night wear when he came out.

“Sophia, I am sorry for keeping you waiting.” He apologised again as he gazed on her when she went inside.

His various hormones began to run helter-skelter along the pathway of his brain and the other parts of his body.

He stood there wondering why he didn’t notice the beauty of the lady he was instructed to guide and protect.

One thought admonished him to maximise his opportunity while the other thought warned him of the consequences of betraying his wife’s trust.

However, Sophia waited a bit in the toilet wondering how she believed the man he just met for the first time without verifying his claims. She then remembered a text message she received from Victoria when got to the state capital.

Vincent was still standing there waiting for her to come out. After a while, she came out and walked briskly towards her room.

“Sophia, please just a moment. I have something to say.”

“Please, this is early in the morning. Let it be later. Bye.” She replied.

“Em… Em… Sophia, pleaseee… Listen to me…”

He moved closer to her but she hurriedly opened the door to her bedroom and he followed her inside.

As soon as he closed the door, a gunshot was heard…

To be continued in Episode 20.

Olumide Fatunsin

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