EXCLUSIVE: My Interview With Victor Enejo Abraham On His New Song Titled, STAY

The world is indeed not in short supply of talented people, and my interactions with Victor Enejo Abraham is a testament to this fact.

Today, The Messenger Blog interviews Victor Abraham Enejo with respect to his new single titled STAY.

Can you tell us about yourself?

First of all My full name is Victor Eneojo Abraham, and I am a believer. I am of Igala descent, and I reside in the city of Lokoja, Kogi State. I worship in the City of God Healing and Deliverance Ministry, pastored by Prophetess Sarah Michael, and I was raised by my parents Mr Abraham and Mrs Grace Akagwu. I will say they did a good job in raising me, but my life can only be this good because I met Jesus, that’s a long story or should I say the beginning of the story.

I am in my final year, studying Urban and Regional Planning in federal University of technology, Minna. I have four siblings.

What is the song title STAY about, and what inspired you?

The song STAY is truly a testimony birthed out of sincerity. I was worshipping that morning, singing ‘breath’ by Dunsin, and at a point, I substituted the word *breath* with *stay* and kept on worshipping.
Then, the line; We need you…Stay and the chorus came…the bridge which is most precious to me followed.
Verse one came in the evening. I didn’t plan to record…I just sang it in sincerity. The song is divine… didn’t play a part

Is STAY your first recording, and when are we expecting the launch of your album?

STAY is my first recording but definitely not the last. Hopefully, next has a lot in store. I’ll just trust the Lord and see how he unfolds those plans.

What has been your experience working on this song, and what should we be expect from you in the future?

A first experience often comes with alot lessons and it’s necessary you know why you started in the first place because you will meet different people with different ideas and goals… it’s necessary you stick with God.
Maybe, another single, an album or a worship team… God knows best.

Is there any artist that inspires you in particular, and what collaborations do we expect to see in the future?

Micah Shedrack who has sang several songs, a graduate from futminna and a friend would be considered an inspiration and other friends who have gone ahead. Worshipers like Min. Dunsin, Pst. Nathaniel, Travis Greene, William McDowell and lots more have been blessings.

I can’t say for now, but I’ll surely be collaborating with people in years to come

What word of encouragement do you have for upcoming artist, and how do you think they can make a mark in the already saturated musical space?

Some will still consider me as an upcoming artist. Just keep being connected to the source (God)… we’re not hear to gain fame but make Jesus famous. If He wants you to sing, sing unto Him…It has never been heard that two planes collided in the sky… there is space for all.

Where can lovers of Gospel and Good music all over the world download your your new single, STAY?

STAY can be downloaded on👇




What contact adress can you be reach on?

I reside in lokoja, and can be reached on my phone number (WhatsApp also) is 08164228349, and email:abrahamenejo@gmail.com

Thank you for the interview, and the Messenger Blog congratulates you on your new single, and wishes you greater heights in your music career.

C 2020

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