VOYAGE WITH THE CAPTAIN (Episode 17) – Olumide Fatunsin

As soon as he sat down to explain his mission, the motorcyclist sprang up pointing his pistol at Sophia.

“Hahahaha… We have caught you.”

Vincent quietly moved towards the door.

“And you? If you dare move, I will blow off your head.” He threatened.

Vincent started begging him to release her and kill him instead.

“No, she is like a diamond to us but as for you, go and merry with your family.” He boasted.

Sophia was troubled and began to think how she could escape from his grip.

Suddenly, Vincent began to laugh and went to the fridge to bring out some non-alcoholic beverages.

Sophia doubted a bit and looked at them to confirm her doubt.

“Vincent, come over here.” He called.

She shook her head in disbelief and regretted putting her trust in him.

“Do you have a strong alcohol and cigarette?” He asked while still pointing his pistol on her head.

“Of course.”

Vincent turned to enter another room when he ordered him to stop.

“If you dare enter the room…”

Vincent looked at him and moved towards him.

“Hey, young man! Drop your pistol and let’s make a deal.” Vincent told him.

He didn’t answer but threatened to shoot him.

Vincent sat down, picked a pen and a sheet of paper.

“Young man, if you don’t drop your pistol, I will deal with you. Your boss and future generation will not recognise you again.” He warned him.

On hearing this, he pushed Sophia aside and rushed at him pointing it at him. However, he didn’t look at him but continued to write something on the paper.

“From a dangerous motorcyclist to a decent human being.” He wrote and showed him.

“What do you mean? I will shoot you.” He threatened again.

Vincent rose up suddenly and slapped him. A fight ensued between them and Sophia jumped over the sofa beside the door to hide.

After some minutes, he picked the pistol from the ground and pulled the trigger but nothing happened. He pulled it again but it didn’t fire.

Vincent pulled him and slapped him again.

“You are dealing with an experienced man. I have removed the bullets. I’m not a novice.” He knocked his head with his left hand.

When he realised his folly, he ran past the center table to escape from the room but Sophia who was still hiding behind the sofa rose up.

“Amateur, you can’t escape.” She said as she held him by the leg.

Vincent grabbed him and dragged him towards the center of the sitting room.

“Please, I am ready to turn a new leaf. My mother shouldn’t hear about my dirty job. Ha! I just joined them two years ago. My girlfriend will leave me…Ah! My boss will take over my three plots of land…” He confessed until Vincent cut in.

“Shut up! If you love your family, answer the following questions. Who is your boss?”

He hesitated to talk and Sophia raised her hand to slap him.

“Em… Em… My boss is a man.”

“No, he is an angel” she cut in. “Tell me, who is your boss?”

“My boss has one wife and several concubines” He said.

Vincent who was furious because of his tactics held him by the throat and warned him against his annoying tactics.

“What is the name of your boss?”

“Please, I want to drink water” He humbly requested.

Sophia gave him a glass of water and they watched him as he drank it. He was staring at Vincent while drinking it.

A phone rang. Sophia and Vincent went to check their phones but it wasn’t theirs.

“Where is my phone?” The motorcyclist asked.

The phone rang again. Sophia realised it was Stella’s phone.

While she was trying to find out the caller, the motorcyclist…

To be continued in Episode 18.

Olumide Fatunsin

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