(Matthew 11:12) And from the days of John the Baptist until now, the Kingdom of heaven suffereth violence and the violent taketh it by force.Breakthrough means penetrating through an obstacle or hindrances. It is an act of forcing a way against opposition.

There can never be breakthrough without aggression. Your aggressive approach produces commitment and persistence to confront barriers. Aggressive men are never scared of obstacles on their way.

Aggression is the secret of determination. Where there is determination, no journey is too far. By determination Jacob refused to die till he sees Joseph. Your determination wins the war. Most people’s miracle has not touched their hands because they are not aggressive.

Aggression is the energy of survival. It is an inbuilt energy which guarantees survival. Your aggression is never void of commitment to breakthrough. When you lack aggression, you lose destiny. You need a lion heart to take the lion part. Aggression is a strong desire to live while taking a form of readiness to die.

Things to know about Breakthrough:

1. Breakthrough is not visible without participation. You must be involved in prayer, tithing and seed sowing. Your seed is the voice your future obeys. Your input affects your outcome. Who you touch determines where you will reach in life.

2. Intake determines breakthrough. What you sat on determines how you fair in life. When you are malnourished spiritually, you will be exposed to attacks that you cannot be able to handle mysteries. To be empty in spirit is to be vulnerable in life.

3. Investment of time equals to breakthrough. Until you do profitable things with your time, your future will have no impact. Your value for time is determined by your value for God. Connecting your time to God is the secret of steady rising.Child of God, nothing good comes easy. Nothing moves until it is made to move.

Therefore, be determined to make succeed. Move things in your favour. You must have noticed that it is the child that cries (aggression) that gets the toys, even if the toysare owned by the calm child. A closed mouth is a closed destiny. Learn to take no for an answer. Be aggressive. Shalom!Meditation:

When you lack aggression, you lose destiny.RM: Battle for RestPrayer: Lord, I receive the anointing of aggression for breakthrough in Jesus name!

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