What you don’t have reveals what you don’t have capacity for, and what you lose is what you can’t manage. Management is pivotal to the sustainability of humanity and the planet earth; it is the greatest miracle on earth.

There are doors that will never be opened; opportunities that will never reveal themselves; destiny relationships that will slip off once management is lacking. There are certain blessings you can’t possess in life if adequate managament capacity has not been built.

Management position is the greatest position any mortal man can be entrusted with and at every cadre of life, family and business, management is vital.

Work places depend on the strength of those in management positions to influence, lead, inspire, motivate and chart new courses. A Good Management determines the strength of the work place.

Management is ‘coordination’ and ‘administration’ of tasks to achieve a goal. It also includes setting up organization’s strategy and coordinating efforts of staffs to accomplish these objectives.

It is impossible to be an Effective Manager without certain skill-sets in place, without which, one becomes a ‘Killer’. The death of any organization, team and business starts at the point of an Unskilled Manager. Remove ‘S’ from Skill, you have Kill.

Skill is not wished for, neither is it a gift, it is consciously acquired, cultivated and built overtime under mentorship.

Your life can experience a great shift; your business can chart profitable paradigms; your productive output can be topnotch if you can Manage Effectively.

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