VOYAGE WITH THE CAPTAIN (Episode 14) – Olumide Fatunsin

She stood still wondering how she knew what was happening.

As soon as she turned to flee from the place, there stood in front of her two men wearing masks. She panicked a bit before leaping over a decaying tree branch to escape.

She ran past the yellow building beside Victoria’s house and began to run with all her strength. The two men chased her across the buildings while holding a torch.

She found a backyard door which was slightly opened and entered in. One of the men stopped at the exact place and began to call her to come out. The second man arrived and asked him to force their way in.

“Don’t let her escape. She must be kept where her sister is staying right now.” One of the men said.

“OK azully. It seems she has left this place. Take the right direction and I will take the other direction” Blacky said.

Azully followed the way to the community bank while Blacky stayed behind.

He knocked on the door four times and said,

“Sophia… Sophia… It’s me Blacky, one of the agents of Chief Anslem. Please, open the door.”

Sophia didn’t move but waited to decide what to do next.

“I know where Stella is. I am Blacky, the secret admirer of your sister.”

On hearing about Stella, she came out of her hiding place and moved closer to the backyard door.

“Sophia, I know you are there. I have sent my partner away. Hurry up!”

Sophia wasn’t convinced but waited for some minutes.

“The other gang members are in Victoria’s house and they are ready to unleash terror on your friends if you delay.”

Sophia was now convinced on hearing about Victoria, her close friend. She opened the door and he quickly informed her about the plans of his boss and his accomplices. He led her through a narrow path beside orio river and then to the motor park.

When they got to the motor park, he hid behind a canteen and gave her some amounts of money and a piece of paper.

“Please take the bus going to the state capital. The men are around the buses going to the nearby towns.”

“OK, Thank you! Please, give me your phone number.”

“Check the paper I gave you. Go… Go… Go… I will take care of Stella. Be careful.”

Sophia thanked him and quickly took the bus going to the state capital. When she boarded the bus and sat at the last seat, a young boy smiled at her.

Sophia gave a fake smile and used her scarf to partly cover her face.

When the bus was full, the driver closed the door and went to take his seat. Before starting the bus, a passenger commanded the driver to stop,

“Hey, Stop! I said, Stop!”

Then, he brought out…

To be continued in Episode 15.

Olumide Fatunsin

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