“Put your sword back in its place”, Jesus said to him, ” for all who live by the sword will die by the sword. Do you think I cannot call on my father, and he will at once put at my disposal more than twelve legions of angels”? (Mtt 26:52-53.)

These were Jesus’s words to Peter when Peter attempted to defend him against the soldiers who came to arrest Jesus. Besides the unnecessarines of Peter’s fight, I could imagine Jesus chuckling and amused that all Peter could do in a war was chop off an ear, some defender indeed. A man can’t fight God’s battle, no matter how good intentioned. Jesus made it clear that the job of his defence was the Angels’, but at this point he didn’t need defence, he must go to the cross.

Sometimes Christians usurp the duties of angels. Heb 1:14 says: ARE NOT ALL ANGELS MINISTERING SPIRITS SENT TO SERVE FOR THE SAKE OF THOSE WHO WILL INHERIT ETERNAL LIFE?” Angels are at the service of Christians. Protection, spiritual battles are part of their job. It was an angel that kept Balaam from cursing the Israelites, it was an angel that kept the lions from devouring Daniel, it was an Angel that rescued Peter from prison, it was an angel that arrested and executed the demon killing all the husbands of Sarah in the book of Tobit, the list goes on.

When Jesus said seek you first the kingdom and it’s righteousness and other things will be added, the ministry of the angels is part of it. Stop killing your self for nothing, let the angels do their job. Everyone one of us has a guardian angel, Ps 91:11. Don’t be like Peter trying to defend whom the angels is supposed to defend.

Like Peter, many Christians genuinely love their pastors and ministers. This is awesome, this is a grace and favor ministers of the gospel should never take for granted, it’s part of the manifestation of the glory of God. The eagerness to defend us by Christians against verbal and physical assaults is a priceless kingdom blessing, I just pray we don’t abuse it. May God bless all of you who stick out your necks for the ministers of the gospel, may your rewards be here on earth and in heaven, in the name of Jesus Christ.

Now, while you are at it, I feel obligated to point out certain things. Remember that certain battles and defence for both men of God and every other Christian belong to God. There are battles you don’t fight for anyone including men of God. Don’t retaliate, threaten or insult anyone on behalf of any man of God, don’t do that. If anyone insults or impugns any man of God, pray sincerely for him. If someone writes defamatory things about the character of any man of God, write a rejoinder with facts and truths using refine and decent words.

Remember when David was running away from his rebellious son, Absalom, a certain fellow called Shimmei came out hauling insults and invectives at David. Infuriated, one of David’s bodyguards offered to go and decapitate “this dog” insulting an anointed royalty. David stopped him, David took the insults with pious equanimity. No pastor or priest can be bigger than Jesus Christ. He was insulted, humiliated and abused, he uttered no curse and didn’t allow anyone to revenge on his behalf.

Same Jesus Christ said in unequivocal terms: BUT I TELL YOU WHO HEAR ME: LOVE YOUR ENEMIES, DO GOOD TO THOSE WHO HATE YOU. BLESS THOSE WHO CURSE YOU, PRAY FOR THOSE WHO MISTREAT YOU.(Lk 6:27-28). These are the Master’s word, that I(as a minister) or any of my followers release curse on anyone who insults me doesn’t make us right. We don’t deserve applause or plaudit. Everyone of us must be judged by the standard left by Christ. Don’t ever imagine that I imagine that blessing those who curse you is easy. As a human being I can tell you that even the softest of criticisms unsettles our egos even as ministers, dealing with opposition and opposing views never comes easy. Yet we must never yield to retaliation and insults.

Finally, there is even a deeper reason why Jesus said in Lk 6:38: “Give and you shall be given. A full measure… For the measure you give is the measure you receive”. In other words, you receive what you give. So if someone insults me and I insult back, God seems to bounce back to each of us what we throw at each other. So if someone insults me and reply with “God bless you”, God bounces back the blessing to me and his curse to him. This is one of the reasons Jesus insisted we must bless those who curse us. Don’t be afraid to bless when cursed, you get what you give.

The Lord Jesus Christ, the apostles and countless Christians suffered physical pain and death for the sake of the gospel, if verbal insults and abuse are what I get as my own persecution, hian, I’ll count myself lucky o mbok, nobody should come and stop them b4 God changes them to crucifixion 😩.
I’m sure y’all know why I’m doing this, I just seized the opportunity to pass some message. So, on behalf of all ministers of God, thank you for your prayers, support and solidarity. May the angels fight our battles, may we all respond to issues as the Lord taught us and exemplified. Remain blessed

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