I am going to be praying for you and your family members against the attacks of witchcraft. Let me tell you this story. A group of people were praying and 3 birds began to fly above them. After a while, one of the birds fell down and turned into an old woman. She then began to apologise to them and told them that they were actually going else to operate. The people praying then told her to repent, since she has experienced higher power. Guess what she said? She said: ‘satan forbid!’

This is the point: some people have covenanted with the devil to go to hell. But they don’t want to go alone. They want to go with people.Before I pray this prayer, please understand that God is not interested in the death of the wicked neither is it our intention for anybody to die and go to hell. So, the first option for the wicked is to repent or perish. That old woman refused to repent and she said: ‘satan forbid.’

I prophesy right now, that every unrepentant witch, wizard, wicked power of darkness, unclean marine agent, witchcraft from the forest, waters and heavenly places, that is working against your life, establishment, fruit of the womb or marriage, are expiring in Jesus Name! If they won’t let you rest, they are laid to rest in Jesus Name! They are gone! You will soon hear news. Give God the praise .

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