VOYAGE WITH THE CAPTAIN (Episode 13) – Olumide Fatunsin

She constantly looked back to see if anyone was following her until she reached the junction leading to the main market.

“Hey, Stop… Stop… Stop.” Someone shouted pointing something at her.

Sophia stood still with trembling hands and turned to see the person.

“Hey, Stop! You are my mother… Mamaaa, I want to eat… No, I am your Mother… Come and drink your milk… Don’t you want to drink?…” The drunkard staggered while pointing his bottle at her.

When she discovered he was heavily drunk, she took the left turn and began to run towards the only Cathedral in the town.

She rested a bit beside the gate and brought out her phone to call her close friend living in the town.

“Victoria, are you at home?

“Em… Em…” she stammered.

“Victoria, it’s me Sophia. Is everything OK? Hellooo… Helloo…” She hung up when she couldn’t hear her again.

She didn’t understand what happened but decided to go to her house. Immediately she passed Osulof’s tailoring shop, she saw two men riding on a bike and one of them was shouting on the phone,

“Sophia must be captured. Is that clear?”

She stopped abruptly out of fear from being discovered and quickly hid and walked behind the two women in front of her.

She kept on walking behind them and pretended to be speaking with someone on the phone. After a while, one of the women started talking about the recent happenings in the town.

“Mama Comfy, Chief Anslem is about to get married to one of his beautiful captives.”

“Really? You mean he isn’t satisfied with his two wives and the other concubines? Wonders shall never end.” Mama Comfy replied.

Sophia couldn’t see their faces clearly but knew from their conversation where they were staying. She wanted to ask questions but they parted ways.

“Who is the beautiful captive? Could it be Stella? No, it can’t be. I need to find out immediately.” She thought when she took the road leading to Victoria’s house.

Just few meters to her house, she became suspicious when she saw two motorcycles in front of her house. The clouds began to gather to rain and the wind was blowing hard.

She thought of going to sleep over in a hotel but she couldn’t afford it. She decided to go through the narrow path beside the community borehole in order to have proper view of the house.

Then, her phone rang and she picked it.

“Sophia, we will track you down and deal with you. Know for sure that we are watching you right now.”

She hung up and hid behind the mango tree. The conversation played back in her memory and she knew they were trying to play on her intelligence.

“We will track you down… We are watching you right now… No correlation” She dismissed the thought.

After some minutes, a man and a woman came out of the house and left with one of the motorcycles.

She was about calling Victoria again when her phone rang. She waited for the caller to speak first.

“Hello, I am Stella.”

“Haaa Stella, where have you been? Are you OK? Where are you? Don’t worry, I will come and rescue you. Where are you?”

“Hello… Hello… Answer me!” She said and the caller then answered,

“I am Stella James from Sierra Leone.”

“Oh… We met in our house today. What can I do for you?”

“Yes. Please, don’t enter Victoria’s house.”


“Hellooo… Hellooo”

She stood still wondering how she knew what was happening.

As soon as she turned to flee the place, there stood before her…

To be continued in Episode 14.

Olumide Fatunsin

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