Four Habits You Must Avoid For Your Relationship To Last – Tunde Korede

Relationship requires manifestation of beneficial habits and high level of commitment. Those who are involved in relationship need to avoid habits that will destroy their relationship. These habits have destroyed many relationships and marriages. My belief is that as you read, digest and apply the lessons in this article, your relationship will last.

(1) Frequent Request For Money
1 Timothy 6:10
For the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil…

There are some sisters who frequently demand money from their man whom they have not even married. They bombard them with the list of shoes, bags, makeup and jewellery they would like to buy. As a matter of fact, they ask them to help them send money to their parents in the village and they make other funny requests.

This kind of habit will make men avoid you. Although, men are supposed to provide financial support in marriage but no one is expected to be a liability to another. Do not make yourself a liability to men. The truth is, no man is ready to settle down with a liability. If you want your relationship to last, please, stop making frequent request for money.

Don’t misconstrue my point, it is good to ask for money in marriage but it is not totally beneficial to continually ask for money from a man you have not gotten married to. I am not also ruling out the fact that some men ask their girlfriend for money. But let’s do everything with moderation.

(2) Unfaithfulness
Proverbs 12:19
Truthful lips endure for ever but a lying tongue lasts only a moment.

Unfaithfulness is the inability of a person to be truthful to his or her words and partner. An unfaithful man is a person that cannot be trusted. If he speaks, don’t believe his words because he does not stand on his words. He is the one who will have multiple sex partners.

An unfaithful woman may be legally married, yet she will sleep around. Unfaithfulness has been the major reason why some relationships have failed. If you want your relationship to last. Make sure you are truthful to your words. Your partner will not be happy if he finds out that you have other men you have sex with apart from him. Endure with your spouse in order for you to enjoy in the future.

(3) Openness
What has been your struggles? Have you told your partner about your past mistakes? Do you have personal issues your spouse need to know about? If you want your relationship to last. Be opened! There is no point keeping the secret your spouse will know later either through you or others.

For example, if you have given birth to a child before you met the guy you want to marry? Don’t keep this as a secret, tell him before he gets married to you. He may break up with you if he finds out in the future. And that is why relationship do not last. Openness will create an unbreakable bond between you and your partner.

(4) Take Correction

Nobody is ready to dwell with a rigid man or woman forever. A rigid person is someone who is not ready to be corrected. Such person do not take correction. If you want your relationship to last, whenever your partner corrects you on certain things, take correction.

For example, no man can marry a woman who cannot gladly obey instruction. At times, you may exhibit some traits that your partner will not like and this will thereby bring about correction. Also, your man can correct you as regards your dressing. If you really need that man, accept his correction.

Your relationship can actually last. You just need to be flexible as to accept corrections. Don’t keep secret that your partner will end up knowing afterwards.

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