Four Reasons Why Good People Up End Up Marrying Wrong Partners

It is amazing how good people (men or women) ignorantly end up marrying bad spouses who are irresponsible and insensitive to their needs.

We have seen ladies with promising future, getting married to men who abused them on a daily basis. Without embellishment, good people deserve to be married to kind and responsible partners. Over the years, however, this has not been case.

Nevertheless, certain factors are responsible for such phenomenon which we are going to examine in this article. Here are the reasons below;

(1) Beauty/Handsomeness
Truly, physical features should be considered when choosing who one should get married to. However, beauty or handsomeness is not the basic factor that determines how good a person is.

When we place more value on the external features of a person above the internal features of a person. It will adversely affect our choice in marriage. This is one of the reasons why good young ladies get married to awful men; vise versa.
My counsel to you is this, do not place excessive value on the outward appearance of a person if you want to marry the right person. A person can be good looking and be wicked inwardly. Be wise.

Above all, character should be paramount in our hearts when choosing the person we want to marry. Beauty does not guarantee good marriage.

(2) Spiritual Negligence
A lot of heartaches that have characterized many marriages would have been averted if the parties involved did not neglect the spiritual side of life.

There are those who leave God out of the equation when it comes to marital choice. They will consider things like culture, background, education, love level and social-economic status before they choice who they want to marry.

Whereas, the most important aspect will be neglected — spirituality. Some do not even pray before they choose. And after some have got married, they neglect prayer, thinking they do not need to pray anymore since their needs have been met. By implication, they give the devil the foothold to strike.

Undoubtedly, this has become one of the reasons why good people end up marrying bad partners. Beware!

(3) Money
Nowadays, some ladies do not want to know the source of income of the men they want to spend the rest of their lives with. Some of them got fascinated by the wealth these men possess.
So, they quickly get married to them without considering other factors that determine the success of marriage. Many people have got married like this and they are regretting.
Wealth is not the only thing that marriage needs for it to be successful. There men who are wealthy but they are impotent. There are men who are wealthy but they are diabolical. This same thing goes for ladies too.
Everyone who has not got married yet must be careful so as not to end up in the hands of false partners.
Money is good but it should not be the basic reason why you should marry someone. A man of vision will always prevail over a man that has television (wealth) without a vision.

(4) Blind Love

To love someone blindly is to allow your emotions to becloud your sense of reasoning. For instance, the guy has been beating you before getting married to him.

Yet, you think he will change once you are married to each other. That is blind love. Gone are the days when people say love is blind. Love is not blind. And if you think love is blind, marriage will open your eyes.

Therefore, do not allow your love for someone to becloud your sense of reasoning. If he has been beating you in courtship, he will beat you in marriage. Be wise! .m

Apply wisdom while taking decision on who to marry.

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