Opportunity : 3 Ways To Recognize A Divine Opportunity – Tunde Korede

An opportunity is a chance to do something or an occasion when it is easy for one to do something. Oftentimes, when certain doors are opened, we become pessimistic as to whether we should enter or not. At some points, we do not know how to determine whether those doors are opened by God or by the devil.
Given this situation, by the help of the Holy Spirit, I have written this article so as to provide clarity on this topic. Through much study, I have come to realize that it is not every opened door that is of God.

Here is how to recognize an opportunity that is from God;

(1) It is In Line With God’s Word

A believer is not under any obligation to take advantage of every opportunity that comes to him or her. There is room for us to examine, if the opportunity is in tandem with God’s Word.

For instance, you may be given an opportunity to earn huge sum of money by just helping certain people to dupe wealthy men. But the question is; Is God’s Word in support of that? Will you not do that and sin against God. Of a truth, such an opportunity is demonic!

Joseph was given an opportunity to sleep with his master’s wife but he refused (Gen. 39:6-7). Why? Because he knew that God was/is never in support of such disgraceful act. So, a door that is said to be from God, it’s nature must not contradict His Word.

Prostitution, fraud either on the internet or not, Kidnapping, assassinating men in a bid to acquire money, etc are all wrong. These opportunities are from the devil not from God.

(2) Through The Leading Of The Holy Ghost

Acts 10:19-20

While Peter was still thinking about the vision, the Spirit said to him, ‘’Simon, three men are looking for you.
20, So get up and go downstairs. Do not hesitate to go with them, for I have sent them.

By the help of the Spirit of the Lord, Peter had learnt that an opportunity would come to him that was orchestrated by God. He had seen vision and he had receive accurate leading concerning an opportunity to preach that was opened to him from the Gentiles.

So, he obeyed as led by the Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit is there to help us at all times because He is our teacher and Comforter. He knows more than we do. Whenever you want to understand the genuineness of a door that has been opened to you. Ask the Spirit of the Lord for leading.

He will definitely lead you through vision, dream, voice or inward witness and through other means you can hear from Him. He is a person, and He would love you to have a relationship with Him.

(3) It Brings Promotion

As unreliable as this may be, it is one of the criteria to determine an opportunity that is from God. Sincerely, God does not lead His people in order for them to experience retrogression. Rather, He leads people forward. When he led Abraham, he didn’t lead him backward. But he led him out in order to enjoy more from the Lord.

Although, a door from the devil can also bring promotion. But we are not supposed to see every door that brings promotion, as a door opened by the devil.

Joseph had an opportunity to become a prime minister and he did not reject it (Gen. 41:37-40). It was an opportunity that gave him promotion. Daniel also had access to this kind of opportunity and he did not reject it.

In conclusion, learn to allow the Holy Spirit to lead you once an opportunity is given to you to benefit from. Be sensitive to His leading. And do not see every good opportunity as the door the devil. Sometimes, good opportunities might be God’s way of blessing and lifting you.

Thanks for reading! Stay blessed!

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