Revelationis the divine or supernatural disclosure to humans of something relating to human existence.Your revelation of God and His plans for you is what keeps you going, moving and pressing on in God’s counsel for you even in the face of challenges and difficult situations. Always protect your revelations. Revelations strengthen your vision and give you a driving force that the devil cannot match. The devil will try to snatch it away and try to substitute it and oppose you but you must protect that revelation and dream that the Lord has given you.

Joseph had revelations of what his future would be like without knowing the times and season of the manifestations. He protected that vision and nurtured it until he saw himself in reality of that revelation. This was the anchor that kept him moving through the faces of challenges, tough times, accusations and temptations. Moses’ parents kept their son for 3 months because they saw that he was not a common child. The revelation of their boy persuaded them to hide the boy against Pharaoh’s instruction. When Paul was given a revelation, the Bible says, “He conferred not with flesh and blood”. There are revelations and dreams that you hold unto yourself until it is birthed. Many have had miscarriages of child, destiny just because they told someone about it.

Many believers have lost their revelation of God through difficulties and many have forgotten theirs in the face of pleasures, enticements and temptations. When this ministry was birthed in 1992, God gave us revelation and vision, and all the way I have followed God protecting my revelations, keeping my faith in Him and have seen His words come to pass. These revelations have become structures, people, sons and daughters and we see God’s power breaking forth in the lives of God’s people.

Child of God, your revelation will always keep you and as you please God, you will see the anointing working powerful miracles in your life. Therefore, stand your ground like Joseph who said “How then can I do this great wickedness and sin against God”. He protected his revelation of God as well as the revelation of His future. Beloved, the protection of your revelation is the key to your possessing of tomorrow and walking with God.

Meditation: Revelations strengthen your vision and give you a driving force that the devil cannot match.

RM: Destiny

Prayer: Lord, I pray you give me grace and sensitivity of heart to protect my vision and revelation, so that no situation and circumstance will snatch my future from my hand in Jesus name, Amen.

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