Dear Pastor: Suffering must never be self-inflicted – Revd Harrison Ayintete

Dear Pastor.

Suffering must never be self-inflicted.

Paul wasn’t looking for prisons neither was Peter asking for same.

They rather looked for deliverance from prisons and urged men to pray for same.

Paul always thanked the Lord because men cared for him and ministered to him abundantly.

We preach the gospel despite death, we don’t preach the gospel craving death.

Take care of your body!!

Be reasonable with your fasting!

Sleep in good beds.

Eat good food, have a doctor.

Drive very luxurious cars, as God blesses you with it.

Don’t make a habit of treating back aches, body pains every time you travel to preach because of bad cars you traveled in.

Sleep in very good hotel rooms, not the ones where you catch a toilet disease or skin problem on the bed or no security and anyone can drop something toxic in your room or one whose air conditioner has no control and you leave with a terrible cold.

Let those who cannot afford to host you preach to their members themselves. Let them gossip about how expensive you are , because when they kill you with stress, they will invite another preacher in your stead.

Always travel with a professional driver. Don’t be found in between Lagos and Auchi worrying about dodging potholes.

Tell your host the exact food you must eat, don’t allow them serve you meals you have not eaten before or BAD for your health and then you run stool through out.

Buy a jet if you can. A big one, where you can sleep well in between countries, not a small one like a cubicle where you can’t move your body or stretch your legs.

Have no apologies for it.

Even if people throw bottles on this post, have no apologies for it.

Suffer because it is what is necessary to preach the gospel at different times in different situations.

But never make suffering your prayer point or have an affection for it.

Pastoring is too stressful, it is unjust for you to treat your body with contempt!

If your body is God’s temple and all your heavenly treasures are in it, protect God’s vessel. It is honourable to do so.

Refuse to travel to an unknown place on invitation to preach without going with anyone, especially a strange place. Protect your life!!

Don’t joke with your security!!

Live in secure estates and use all the physical goodness of life to your nourishing.

Living long is both a walk of faith and a lot of personal care for your body.

Don’t mind folks who have no idea what we go through or our sufferings, let them he angry all they can.

Only a man in good health can do God’s work, do everything to support your health.

And if you are found in a place where only by suffering and death can the work be done, be willing to die even for the cause of the Gospel.

Either by life or death, glorify God!!

But never forget, God gives no death, rather despite death, We glorify God!!

Revd Harrison Ayintete

2 thoughts on “Dear Pastor: Suffering must never be self-inflicted – Revd Harrison Ayintete

  1. One of the most beautiful posts I have ever read. Why should be allow our Spiritual fathers suffer? Is it not true that a labourer deserves his wages?

    Liked by 1 person

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