VOYAGE WITH THE CAPTAIN (Episode 12) – Olumide Fatunsin

She decided to go and ask her Uncle about her Sister. When she got to the store room, she tiptoed to the door of the sitting room and began to eavesdrop.

After five minutes, someone tapped her leg and she turned around to see the person. Behold, it was Mike who was coming from the toilet.

Sophia beckoned to him to keep quiet.

“Aunty, are you Angelina Jolie? Why are you hiding?”

She beckoned to him to remain quiet. However, Mike wanted to know why she was acting that way. He went behind her and pointed his two index fingers at her and said,

“Hands up!”

Sophia pulled him aside to explain to him.

“Mike, I am trying to observe the door. Don’t you want a glass door like the ones in the movies?” She whispered.

“Yes! I want a glass door.” He joyfully replied with a loud voice.

“Mike, what are you doing there? His mother asked.

Sophia told him not to disclose anything to her and she tiptoed backto her room.
Mike ran to meet her mother and sat down to watch the television.

Sophia managed to hear part of their plans but Mike disrupted the eavesdropping connection.

She quickly picked some documents, her 8Gb storage device and some clothes belonging to her and her sister.

She carried the small travelling bag with the phones in her handbag and tiptoed towards the sitting room in order to escape.

Suddenly, her phone rang out and this caught the attention of Uncle Joe who was relaxing in the sitting room.

“Sophia… Sophia… Come inside.” He called her.

She stood still waiting for the next action to take.

“Should I enter or go back to my room?” She thought.

She dropped her belongings outside and quietly entered the sitting room with a sober look.

“Uncle, I am really sorry for my actions.”

“Sophia, have you forgotten in a moment that I am your all in all? You know what I’m capable of, I think you know me very well.” He boasted.

“I know. Sir, I want to give you the evidence.”

Aunty Rebecca entered the sitting room from the backyard.

“Ungrateful graduate, what do you want again?” Rebecca asked.

Uncle Joe rose up and called his wife aside.

“Dear, she wants to surrender the evidence. Let’s go inside briefly.” He said as they went to their bedroom.

Seizing the opportunity, Sophia fled the house like a roe.

It was the children who alerted their parents when they saw how she fled.

“Mummy, Angelina Jolie has escaped.”

Rebecca rushed out with her wrappers almost loosened.

“What happened? Who is Angela or Johnny or what did you say? She asked her son.

Mike began to laugh pointing in the direction of the door,

“Not Angela or Johnny but Angelina Jolie. She is a star.”

“Will you answer me? Where is Sophia?”

Mike kept silent and stared at the television as if he was listening to the news. Uncle Joe came out holding a calabash with red oil inside it.

“Sophia, come here.” he called her without looking up.

“Which Sophia are you calling? Joe, the bird has escaped… Haaaa…Heeee!” She lamented.

Uncle Joe quickly dropped the calabash on the center table and went inside to pick his phone.

“Jager, call the other two members and look for Sophia immediately. She must not escape. I repeat, She must not escape.” He hung up and commanded his wife to be at alert.

He left the house in a haste while calling another man.

However, Sophia took the bush path behind their house to connect to the road leading to the main market.

She constantly looked back to see if anyone was following her until she reached the junction leading to the main market.

“Hey, Stop… Stop… Stop.” Someone cried pointing something at her.

Sophia stood still with trembling hands and turned to see the person…

To be continued in Episode 13.

Olumide Fatunsin

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