Exclusive: Ukpo Daniel shares his experiences as an evangelist

In this exclusive interview, Evangelist Ukpo Daniel shares his experiences as an evangelist who takes the gospel of Jesus Christ through rough terrains to the unreached.

What is your name sir, and where do you hail from?

My name is Evangelist Ukpo Daniel, and I am from Odenin gida in Nasarawa state.

Are you married, and do you have kids?

Yes I am, and we are believing God for a child at the end of the year.

Can you give us an insight into your call to the office of an evangelist?

It all started when I was singing in my local church, Life giving harvest mission. By the special grace of God, I have had several encounters with respect to my call as an evangelist, but the most remarkable one was when I saw myself ministering to an endless crowd, and the power of God swept over that meeting. In that revelation, many people where calling my name to deliver, heal and save them, and I woke up from that revelation with a passion and hunger for winning souls.

I also had another encounter preaching in a crusade as a young boy coming up, ministering powerfully. In that crusade, the lame were walking, those who came with wheel chairs were standing up and walking, the dead were being raised back to life after prayers.

In all my encounters, because there are several of them, it was the first which I told you earlier, that left a mark of my calling into the office of an evangelist.

When you proceed for evangelism especially to a new town or village, do you face any form of resistance from the locals, or any strange encounters on your way?

Yes sir, there are powers in the villages. Sometimes they will come to kill me but anytime they come, they will confess that they use to see fire around me. I finished a crusade one day in one of the villages, and I had a terrible accident that got my motorcycle condemned, but I survived it. They attacked me on the way but God always preserved me.

The people who give their lives to Christ when you hold crusades, and also in your evangelism outrich, how do you follow up to make sure they grow spiritually?

We plant churches and send missionaries to them, while others
We will partner with some of the available churches, so if souls are won they will follow them up.

While carrying out the work of God, are they constraints you face as an evangelist, and what are they?

1. Sometimes there is no food but I will endure it
2. Discouragement becusee of lack of resources, financial help to reach out to people but we still continue.
3. And lot more

Are you always mobile, or do you have a church were you pastor, and where please?

I have a church I am pastoring in the village, in odenin gida, Nasarawa state, then from there I go again to plant more in other unreached areas.

Earlier on, you told me that you have a wife, how does she support you in the mission field, and what do you think is the role of spouses in the work of an evangelist?

She supports me 100% in the mission field. Infact she told me anywhere I go she will go with me. The place and support of a spouse in this work cannot be over emphasized. We need them in the work of the ministry.

Believers with like passion who would like to partner with you, how can they reach out to your ministry?

They can reach me via
08117830454 or through my bank details to support the work

Access bank
Ukpo Daniel

Finally, what are your words of encouragement for evangelists like yourself who move through rough terrains to preach the gospel of christ?

1. They should keep doing what they are doing because God is happy with men who win souls.

2. Maintain their relationship with Jesus Christ.

3. Stay pure in the field, and they should know that there are still more lands to conquer, so no going back.

2 thoughts on “Exclusive: Ukpo Daniel shares his experiences as an evangelist

  1. I always give glory to God whenever I see the mighty work of God been done through this servant of God. Dr Uko Daniel, may his grace be sufficient for you to do more for the kingdom. We love you man of God.

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