VOYAGE WITH THE CAPTAIN (Episode 11) – Olumide Fatunsin

Suddenly, someone stood before her. She froze instantly and hid the phones.

“Give me the phones.” her Uncle threatened.

“On whose order? Why? How did you come in?” Sophia asked.

“You didn’t lock the door. I said, give me the phones.”

Uncle Joe struggled to collect the phones from her but she prevailed by pushing him on the bed and hit him with a stool.

“Yeee… Sophia…Yeee… My head!”

His cry drew the attention of his wife who was cooking the dinner at the backyard. She left everything and ran to Sophia’s room.

“Joe… Joe… What happened to you?” She asked while trying to lift him from the bed.

“And you Sophia, what did you do to him? Answer me!”

“Oh… Oh… Ask your husband what he did and how he did it. Ask him what he was doing on my bed, my own bed.”

“Sophia, are you out of your mind? Do you want to kill my husband? You will surely pay for it.” Rebecca said while cleaning the little blood on his head.

Sophia stepped forward with a renewed confidence and strength and said,

“Your husband, Uncle Joe, the friend of our king tried to rape me in my room and on my own bed.”

“No… Shut up! Are you out of your mind? My husband, my trustworthy husband will never do that. It seems you need a brain reset.” Rebecca cried at the top of her voice.

However, Uncle Joe rose up in anger to slap her but she stepped back in a haste to defend herself.

“Uncle Joe, I have an evidence. Sir, watch your action or else…”

“What do you want to do? Sophia, be careful. What evidence? He didn’t do anything.” Rebecca defended her husband who was still in shock.

“Sophia, please what evidence are you talking about? Show me.” Uncle Joe asked in a low voice.

Rebecca looked at her husband and wondered why the sudden change in his voice.

“Joe, don’t worry about this unfortunate graduate. Have you forgotten your bravery in a moment? Remember, the blacksmith’s daughter?”

On hearing about the blacksmith’s daughter, Sophia became suspicious and asked,

“What happened to the daughter of the blacksmith?”

“None of your business otherwise, you will suffer the same fate. Rebecca, let’s go” He said.

They were about leaving the room when Sophia raised her phone and said,

“The evidence is on this phone. Just try anything and the whole town will hear your atrocities and your cherished reputation will be tarnished forever ”

The couple exchanged looks and laughed,

“Go ahead and best of luck”

Sophia was startled but shrugged off the threat.

“Uncle Joe, you know the punishment of rape in this town and the repercussion.”

Joe turned back with fear written on his face but couldn’t reply her.

“Dear, did you try to do anything with her?” Rebecca asked solemnly.

“No, she isn’t even beautiful like her sister… I mean, she is not my type… I mean, Sophia, you can’t threaten me. Never!” Joe stammered.

Rebecca held his shirt,

“Joe, what did you just say? In my presence? Did you do anything? And you know what I’m capable of doing. Tell me the truth!”

Sophia clapped her hands and began to laugh,

“Aunty Rebecca, please go and continue your fight in your room. Bye.”

They left the room hastily and she locked the door. After a while, she began to think about her sister and the lady she met with her uncle in the evening.

She decided to go and ask her Uncle about her Sister. When she got to the store room, she tiptoed to the door of the sitting room and began to eavesdrop.

After five minutes, someone tapped her leg and…

To be continued in Episode 12.

Olumide Fatunsin

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