DOORS OF HELPERS – Rev Joshua Talena

(1 Thessalonians2:18) Wherefore, we would have come unto you, even I Paul, once and again, but satan hindered us

Every human being is a door, either to breakthrough or failure. Every breakthrough and destiny of man requires the input of both God and man. God blesses a man, but He uses men to do the blessing. Our relationship with God and man affects our result on earth. The quality of your relationship with the people around you determines the quality of your breakthrough. Everybody in your life right now is either sponsored by God or by satan.

Where you are today is because of some people you met in the past. Beloved, breakthrough in life is not a mystery. Men are doors that God uses to help people. It is where you stand that determines who sees you and who you see. Lack of value for relationship hinders men from achieving their goals in life. You need people to become all God wants you to be in life. Anytime your season will change, it will change with the appearance of human messengers. The end of every prophecy is the appearance of man. God is the source of all breakthroughs, but men are the channel through which breakthroughs manifest.

The answer to a man’s predicament is another man. Joseph would have died in prison as a nobody, had he not met Pharaoh’s Cupbearer in prison, who talked to Pharaoh about him. Naaman would have died a leper had he not met a small house maid. Jesus heaven would have remained closed had He not met John the Baptist, His Forunner. Ten years from now, you may remain the same, except for two things happen: The people you encounter and the Information you acquire.

Anytime satan want to stop your breakthrough, he will ensure that there is scarcity of helpers in your life. What kind of people are around you? Are they helpers or caterpillars? Helpers are major determinant of the kind of breakthroughs you will encounter.

Why you need Helpers:
Helpers are one of the highest channels God uses to initiate breakthroughs whenever people oppose a man.
Helpers serve as bridge from man’s present level to next level
Helpers facilitate the plans and will of God for a man.

Child of God, I see new doors of divine helpers open unto you in Jesus mighty name, Amen.

Meditation: Assess the kind of people are around you. Are they helpers or caterpillars?

RM: Take It All

Prayer: My Father, no matter what happens, let me encounter my helpers in Jesus name.

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