VOYAGE WITH THE CAPTAIN (Episode 10) – Olumide Fatunsin

“What happened?” The nurse asked her.

“Five people, three policemen, seven cats, twenty cars” Someone standing in front of them said.

They both looked up to see the person and the nurse began to laugh.

“C’mon Alex. You are really catching up with your counting”

“Can you count up to 100?”

“1, 2, 3…10… 21…” He was counting with a loud voice.

Her mother, who was sitting nearby stopped him and asked him to come and sit down.

The nurse left immediately to attend to other patients. Sophia sat there ruminating on what Tony told her and the call she received.

“Who shot Dennis, the blacksmith on the leg?”

“I hope it isn’t connected with Tony. What’s happening in this town.” She thought deeply with occasional mild sigh.

The thought of her missing sister weighed her down as she dragged along to the house. She sobbed but believed her sister would be found.

As she crossed the road, she met Patience and her mother around the Post office. She became curious when she saw her with a package.

“This must be a special package from overseas” she thought and wondered how their family could afford such an expensive package.

“I never trust her mother one bit. The negative role she played in my life cannot be forgotten and I promise to deal with her”

After some minutes, she opened the gate to their compound and then saw the back view of a lady talking with her Uncle.

She noticed her Uncle’s cheerful countenance and the way he was gesticulating.

She ran and began to shout, “Stella… Stella… Where did you go to? What happened to you?”

Then, the lady turned and began to laugh.

“Hey, how did you know my name?”

“But I haven’t met you before. I am Stella James from Sierra Leone.” She introduced herself and they exchanged pleasantries.

Sophia was still confused looking at their resemblance.

“How can two people look alike?” A thought flew across her mind.

She stood there for a while and was about to go inside when Stella James asked her.

“Are you the…”

Uncle Joe cut in and said, “Sophia, go inside.”

Sophia went straight to her room hoping to see her sister there. On getting there, she noticed the room had been neatly arranged and a note was placed on the table.

“Dear Sister Sofia, I have left this town for another city. I will call you with my phone once I settle down. Don’t worry, I am fine. Bye. Stella”

Sophia’s eyes swelled with tears and sank into the bed. She was troubled and began to think what might have made her sister to take that decision.

After some minutes, she came back to herself and rose up to read the letter again.

As she was examining it, she began to ask questions.

“Stella doesn’t write Sofia but Sophia.”

She read the letter again and discovered where she mentioned that she would call with her phone.

“But Stella’s phone is with me” She checked her bag again to confirm it.

“Definitely, something has gone wrong. Stella didn’t write this letter. But where is Stella?”

She looked around the room and knew the battle lines have been drawn.

“Where is my sister?” she repeatedly asked herself.

She sat down on the chair beside the table trying to go through Stella’s phone.

Suddenly, someone stood before her. She froze instantly and …

To be continued in Episode 11.


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