THE LEADERSHIP PATTERN OF JESUS – Evangelist Ikechukwu Peter

Jesus is our perfect example. He leadership pattern was a participatory style of leadership. He was not a boss but a leader. Jesus didn’t make his followers feel lesser than Him eventhough He was their Lord. He made them feel at home and this enabled them to flow freely with him without fear. Do not create the line of fear between you and your followers…this doesn’t make them look down on you but rather this will make them value and respect you genuinely. Jesus so much integrated with them to the point that even the soldiers who came to arrest him didn’t know the difference between him and the followers. This doesn’t negate the fact that no matter what you do, there must be a Judas or some Judas. Let me tell you the truth…..autocratic and dictatorial rulership makes people fear you and not necessarily respect you. They have a lot of things to tell you that could make the organization better but they can’t because fear has been instituted.

Jesus created a platform that enabled his followers ask him questions….after some hard sayings, they would call him aside and ask him to explain the things he said…..they did that respectfully though because the bible records that they would call him privately to ask him….this connotes respect. Today many leaders are alpha and omega….once they have spoken that’s the end!….nobody questions it, whether there are unclear clauses or not. Any form of question is called rebellion. The reason the Church is under serious attack today is because we don’t ask questions from within therefore outsiders are now asking it in a very destructive manner. If we had the platform that enables for questioning, many of the attacks we receive today wouldn’t have been necessary. I’m saying this will eliminate attacks? No, no, no! The world must attack the Church because they are in enmity. However, their are some attacks that wouldn’t have been necessary.

Jesus was an accountable leader. Eventhough Jusas was a thief, Jesus handed over everything about finance to him. He had no direct dealings with money. When payment was necessary, He assigned those in Charge. We must begin to establish leadership that is transparent. Jesus could have used James his brother as treasurer but he used Judas…in some Churches, you have the lead Pastor and his wife as the only signatories to financial issues…this is woefully wrong! People love to invest where there is transparency. Do you know that what escalated the issue of tithe wasn’t actually a doctrinal question but that of accountability. People felt aggrieved because they concluded that tithes are not channeled well but used to furnish the luxury of men of God. The more accountable and transparent we run the Church the lesser these issues on tithe will become.

Jesus was an interactive leader. He will sometimes call His disciples to ask them what people thought about Him. Some of the mistakes we make includes thinking that what people think about us doesn’t matter…yes, I agree that in some cases it doesn’t matter but there are time it does. We can not keep painting the wrong picture and be confessing that what people think about us doesn’t matter!….Jesus ask them ‘Who do men say I’m’?…This is interactive. Don’t create an interactive distance from your followers. Call them sometimes and hear their opinions….they may have something very important that could help….it was in that interactive session that one of the strongest Biblical revelations popped out ‘You are Christ, the son of the living God’. Your followers also becomes better by this initiative. Simon became Peter after the interactive session. Do you know what this can do?…it brings stability and builds strength among them. Simon means instability while Peter means the rock….he metamorphosed from being unstable to becoming a rock. This is stability.

Jesus was a humble and servant-leader who washed his disciples feet. You cannot wash someone’s feet without bending….this connotes humility, meaning you can’t effectively be a servant leader without humility. Leadership is not about people serving you but you serving the people. This was the reason Jesus said if any wants to be great let him be your servant….this means that what makes you a great leader is you ability to serve your followers. When a leader is a servant leader, the honor of greatness comes automatically upon him.

Jesus was a sacrificial leader. He was a sacrificial leader to the point of giving his own life for his followers. I’m not saying you should give your own life….you are not the Christ. However, we should be willing to sacrifice as much as we can for our followers. Jesus saw the multitude and thought of what to give them and not what to take from them….that caring for people. People don’t care how much you know but how much you care. Let’s not have the mentality of siphoning the money of our followers but how they can become better and by the time they are blessed they will definitely bless you in return.

Jesus was an exemplary spiritual leader. He prayed more than them all, He was an example to them in character and conduct. He was unquestionably moral and integrous. This is what it means to be a leader.

Let’s follow the Jesus leadership pattern and we will witness a great revival. Selah!

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