By God’s grace, we studied about pride during our family devotion yesterday. I shared with my wife my research work with some sulphur compounds to explain how God looks at a proud person from afar.

During my doctorate research work, I worked with some sulphur compounds with pungent and offensive smells. Despite working inside the fume hood, traces of the odour would still find its way to my colleagues and make some of them to leave the lab. To get the work done on time, I tried to work when the minimal people were in the lab.

So, I compared the offensive Sulphur compounds to PRIDE which causes God to stay afar from a proud person. But the pure sulphur is odourless and used to manufacture sulfuric acid which represents the humble person who attracts God’s grace to do greater exploits.

In summary, Sulphur compounds connote addition of self-exaltation, ego and the like which result into Pride. May God remove traces of pride from us and purify us in Jesus name.

Pride is a killer and brings one down.
Humility attracts greatness and God’s grace.

Enjoy your day.

Olumide Fatunsin

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