ARCHIVES: The Ignorant Christian – Awe Hilary

Some weeks ago, a Christian asked me a question, and he said;

“Hilary, why are we having an increase in the number of various denominations worldwide, while evil is spreading its tentacles around the world?”.

This question asked by this brother is very valid, and is one that should be treated as an emergency. One would have expected that the growth in various denominations worldwide and the increase in the population index of Christians would lead to a sharp decline of all social vices, but unfortunately, this is not the case.

While searching for the answers with respect to the earlier asked question, I discovered the missing ingredient whose presence proffers solutions to the question.
In the book of Mathew 19:4, Jesus Christ replied the Pharisees who were testing Him, by asking Him questions pertaining to the subject of divorce, and He answered them, by saying;

“Have you not read? “.

The Pharisees were experts in keeping the law and maintaining a high standard of religious piety, but were still ignorant. This is the problem bedeviling the Church today, as we have a large number of ignorant Christians, who just bare the name “Christian”, but have little or no knowledge about the core values of Christianity.

Like the Pharisees, they understand Christianity as a religion which must be practiced by obeying Church traditions and listening to their pastors, while making no effort to establish a solid relationship with God, through the study and application of the word of God.

These set of individuals do not see Christianity as a responsibility to study and apply the word of God for their daily living, hence their lives become malnourished, lacking the necessary qualities to qualify them as Christians.
” Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word of God” – Luke 4:4 (NKJV)
The life of every believer should be a product of the word of God, which is the distinguishing factor between us (Christians), and the world. However, for us to be a product of the word of God, we must study the word of God daily to show ourselves approved. God would not come down from His Throne to read the Bible for us, or magically input His words into our hearts, because He has given us the will power to choose between life and death (Deuteronomy 30:19).

When you do not study the word of God as a Christian, your life becomes deficient in the knowledge and application of the truth, which results in an information gap that becomes a breeding ground for the ”old man”, which is the nature of sin to thrive, and manifest its fruits in the life of that Christian.

Today, we still have individuals who say they are ”Christians”, but they still indulge in activities like looting of public funds in their various offices, sleeping with peoples wives, and girls who are old enough to be their daughters, “Christians” who go to clubs every night and get soaked with alcohol, “Christians” participating in television shows like Big Brother Africa, which entertains the continent and everyone who cares to watch with various degrees of immortality, without regards to the word of the Lord that declares that our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit, hence it must not be defiled.

The list goes on, and this has made the world to down play the true meaning of being a Christian, as it is now categorized as a religion in comparison to others, because we who are supposed to be the light of the world, have become sources of darkness in our environments and the world at large.

However, as believers we must understand that it is our responsibility to seek the truth for ourselves through the Holy Scriptures, while also listening to our preachers for guidance. We must as a matter of fact not abdicate our responsibilities of building a solid Christian life to our pastors alone, because salvation is personal.

The culture of seeking the truth, lies in our ability in searching the scriptures daily for deep insight and knowledge for the sole purpose of replicating the life of Jesus Christ, here on earth.

The Holy Bible contains the model for Christian living, which can only impact our lives by sharpening it to the form of Christ, if only we study its content. The deep secret of the daily, because in it contains the model for Christian living. It is the responsibility of every believer to study the word of God, that we may show ourselves approved (2 Timothy 2:15). Our approval status is dependent largely on our ability to study the word of God, that our lives would be a true reflection of His word.

However, being a member of a denomination does not qualify you to be a Christian, but elevates you to the status of a religionist, if the application of the word of God is non existent in your life. This is because, it is only when you genuinely surrender your life to Jesus Christ as your Lord and personal Savior, and your new life becomes a definition of the application of the word of God, that the name Christian becomes befitting. As believers, we must strive to perfection, by performing roles that God cannot do for us, while relying on God to perform roles that we cannot do for ourselves.
Moreover, an increase in the number of Christ like believers, would definitely lead to a sharp decline in criminal activities, and all forms of social vices which currently poses a threat to the world.

This is also a call to all General Overseers and Heads of various denominations worldwide, to focus more on teaching the undiluted word of God to their members. Bible study should be a core section in our services, while the church should also see it as its responsibility to monitor the spiritual growth of their members, in a view to harvesting more souls for heaven and building a better society.

God bless you.

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