Religion: What about it? – Deji Dero

I have searched through literature and documentaries… I have examined the god-claimed of every religion…
I saw through the thoroughfare and terrace of India.
Marveled by the millions of gods that litter the corners of their streets…
I was caught up in deep thoughts about this pure devotion, and demonstration of worship by men…
to connect to something deeper, something supreme, the purest form of energy, the one we saddle with responsibilities of fate and providence.

I flipped through the pages of texts provided by theologians, from Hindu, Buddhism, Islam, Judaism and Judeo-Christian best claims from their top-notch professors and Spiritual Custodians.

Documentaries provided me some grasps on other claims of creation and gods that existed thousands of years back.

Sango, the god of thunder, Oya, Ayelala; god of chicken-pox and some other gods that were killed by scientific discoveries and vaccines.
I shivered at man’s pious devotion as he does all these religious dance and rituals before these gods who speak not, talk not, only effective in the preserved stories or fables they repeatedly tell us about.

As one of my Atheist friends engaged me not too long and ask me what exactly is different from all these I had stated from my own faith.

Even the few monotheist claims of God share no encounter to convincingly express the touch of these claims.

But, Jesus!
Histories had his story covered, his ability to perform miracles were documented in many books aside the scripture. His account of God, claiming that nobody has seen the Father except him. that he is the way, the truth and life. that no one can get to the Father except through him. He called forth the dead and he was back to life. He healed the permanently blind, lame or dumb people, he rebuked Hurricane… which are too difficult for science to provide explanations.
in his name, in the last 50 years more dead had been raised to life than the number of dead people documented to have been raised back to life in the Scripture.
Some fore-knowledge revealed to me personally by the Spirit he gave, that I actually announced to people around me before they happen…
Make me to put the absolute truth we could ever know about God in Jesus Christ.

Unless the four accounts of the gospel of Jesus could be declared false… I see no reason why we seek other gods than God expressly mirror in Jesus.

Paul recall; that Jesus Christ is the image of the invisible God. For in him the whole fullness of deity dwells bodily.

The gospel accounts are found to be historically correct, empirically true and logically consistent.
Other religions who came after his resurrection who attempted to claim that these were manipulated, stagger to provide proofs when confronted….

I conclude by saying, for it please the Father, that his fullness should dwell in Christ Jesus.
Other may tell fables and stories carefully made up with… but the Gospel is not fable.

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