VOYAGE WITH THE CAPTAIN (Episode 9) – Olumide Fatunsin

Out of curiosity, Sophia walked faster still holding the two phones.

Her phone began to ring but she ignored it. When she entered the pharmacy, she saw an old man, the owner of the pharmacy.

“What’s going on here?

Why did he abscond?”

Tony asked her to sit down and said,

“He is the new attendant here and he has been involved with some people of questionable characters”

“Sir, who called Stella to come here?”

“Oh, her medicine was delivered this evening and they have been paid for” answered the owner.

Sophia rose up to be sure of what he was saying.

“Which Stella are you talking about? And who paid for what?”

He looked at her and replied her calmly, “Stella Philips, your younger sister”

“What? Why? Since when? Is she sick? Where is she?”

He picked his phone and dialled Sophia’s number.
She picked it without looking at the number, “Hello… Hello…”

He looked at her and said, “I am the anonymous caller”

“Oh, why did you deceive me?”

“What are you up to?”

He pulled a chair to sit and explain his mission. Before he could say anything, a customer came in to buy paracetamol.

On the other hand, Sophia was busy going through her phone when she heard the loud cry of Tony.

In a twinkling of an eye, the customer fled the scene leaving her to attend to Tony who was lying on the ground.

Sensing he had been hit with an iron rod, she called for help from the neighbours and he was taken to the hospital.

She left him with the nurses and waited for a while to know his state. She was determined to arrest the shop attendant with the help of the police.

“S o p h i a… S o p h i a…” Tony managed to speak.

One of the nurses rushed to his side and told him to relax.

“‘S o p h i a…” He called again.

The nurse knew he wanted to speak with Sophia and she went to look for her at the waiting room.

She couldn’t find her there but a woman told her she had left some minutes ago.
When she got to the main exit door, she saw her struggling with a young man.

“Hey, Sophia!” the nurse shouted.

Immediately the young man saw the nurse, he ran away.

“What’s happening?” The nurse asked her.

“He called me outside and threatened to kill me if I report to the police”

“Ha! Miss Sophia, these people are dangerous. I have heard about their evils in this town.”

They went inside the hospital and continued discussing until they got to Tony.

He opened his eyes and asked her to come closer.

“Sophia, beware of some people in this town.”

“Which people? I have lived here for some years and I won’t leave because of anyone.” Sophia said with determination.

Tony coughed and looked straight into her eyes,

“The enemies within are more stronger than the ones outside. Sophia, be careful.”

“Just tell me it is my Uncle. Really, I will deal with him and show him the power of a woman. Why is he after us?” She threatened.

“There is something else. Your Uncle is a….. ” He struggled to talk again but fell asleep.

The nurse looked at her and shook her head. They both left the room and after some minutes, Sophia’s phone rang.

“What! Where? How?” she sank into a chair with tears in her eyes after she hung up.

“What happened?” The nurse asked her.

“Five people, three policemen, seven cats, twenty cars, seven cakes” Someone standing in front of them said.

They both looked up to see the person and the nurse…

To be continued in Episode 10.

Olumide Fatunsin

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