1. Seek the face of the Lord before you approach any lady for marriage and you sisters seek the face of the before you say yes to him.

If not some men comes with suit but inside is terrible.

2. Check her or his spiritual life, is she born again?
Or Is he Born again?
Do you have like passion?
Or He is going another direction and you are going another direction?

Are you compatable spiritually, physically, emotionally.

3. Is He matured physically, emotionally, financially?

4. Is he responsible?
Don’t go and say yes to that young man that is not responsible of not your marital destiny is at stake.

5. Check her or his background
There are some families you are not meant to marry there.
Some are cursed by God, some self cursed themselves. Be careful the kind of family you will go and marry from .

You don’t know the background or His family and you decide to say yes.
By the time you gam, you will understand…

May the Lord give understanding.

6. Read books on marriage and Parenthood to gain wisdom if not there are some mistakes that may repeat themselves in your life.

Be wise to study now that you are still single.

I studied over 50 books on marriage before I got married to my sweetheart.
And indeed I learned a lot.

7. Make sure it is the will of God before you get married.
A broken relationship is better than a fustrated and broken marriage.
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