UPDATE ON MISS FAVOUR – Evangelist Ikponmwosa Ogogor

I noticed facebook shortened the first video hence I am putting up this trimmed version to show her appreciation.

Last week I brought your attention to the cry of this young lady and requested your help to alleviate her financial challenges.

Click on 👉A cry for help

She stopped attending church over five years ago but got restored last week.

Before we arrived in the village today she was ready for church as she had borrowed clothes from someone to put on.

We gave her the clothes we brought and a Bible.

We also gave her N10,000 for feeding.

She is going to open her account tomorrow and we have discussed in details the business she is going to be doing.

As a start we are giving her N100,000 for the business take off.

We have identified a store which we are going to rent for her for a year.

Also we are going to pay for her accommodation for one year.

We have asked her to get the details of the costs involved so we can make direct payments for the store and accommodation to the Owners.

We handed her over to the Chairman of our Local Organizing Committee who promised to help facilitate the smooth implementation of this project concerning this lady.

In two weeks time (August 14-15) we shall have Miracle Crusades and teaching meetings there in the village during which we shall make distribution of food and other materials to the villagers.

I deeply appreciate everyone who responded to my plea on her behalf and gave into this project.

God bless you all richly in Jesus name.

We shall give you more updates on this as we make progress.


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