VOYAGE WITH THE CAPTAIN (Episode 8) – Olumide Fatunsin

As soon as she picked her handbag, coming towards her from their room was her Uncle.

“Are you waiting for my demise?”

“Why did you come home without informing me?”

“Or do you want to blackmail me?”

Sophia ignored his questions but walked briskly to know his mission in their room.

Before she reached the door, someone locked it quickly.

“Hello… Stella, are you there?”

No one answered. She tried to open the door but she wasn’t able to open it.

“Who is in there? Stella, are you alright?”

She panicked a bit and ran to the main sitting room. She met Mike and Sharon who were still busy doing their assignment.

“Where is your Dad?”

“He has left for the King’s Palace” Mike responded.

“Aunty, Daddy will become the next king and I will be a princess. Is it true?” Sharon asked her.

However, Sophia didn’t answer her but rushed back to their room. When she got there, the door was wide opened.

She sprang in like the biblical Philippians’ jailor who thought Paul and Silas had escaped from the prison.

“Stella… Stella… Stella” She called but there was no response.

She checked the bathroom and under the bed but no one was there.

“What’s happening?” she asked anxiously.

She picked her phone to call her sister. Behold, the phone was on the stool beside the bed.

“Why did she leave her phone here?”

She picked Stella’s phone and saw 11 missed calls from two people.

She remembered she had called her 9 times on her way home and the other caller called her two times.

She checked the name and found it to be one “Mr sponsor service”.

Suddenly, Stella’s phone began to ring and she picked it without saying a word.

“Stella, come to the pharmacy now. See you soon.” the caller ended the call.

She wondered what the repeated calls for both of them to come to the pharmacy meant.

“Definitely, something is fishy.” She whispered.

Without wasting time, she left for the pharmacy. She met Mama Patience on the way and they both exchanged greetings.

“Sophia, how is your sister?”

“She is doing fine” Sophia said reluctantly but Mama Patience wanted to talk further.

“Madam, I am in a hurry. Thank you Ma.”

She crossed the main road while Mama Patience looked on and said,

“No respect for elders anymore. Don’t worry you will soon become one of my purchased in-laws”

When she was few metres away from the pharmacy store, the attendant absconded when he saw her.

Out of curiosity, Sophia walked faster still holding the two phones. Her phone began to ring but she ignored it. When she entered the pharmacy, she saw an …

To be continued in Episode 9.

Olumide Fatunsin

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