VOYAGE WITH THE CAPTAIN (Episode 7) – Olumide Fatunsin

When she entered their compound, she began to hear loud cry of people.

Sophia surveyed the big compound but didn’t see anyone. When she looked in the direction of the small garden where Mike and Sharon used to play and didn’t see them, she knew something had gone wrong. As soon as she took four steps forward, the cry stopped.

Suddenly, Mike and Sharon came running to greet and hug her. Seeing them in such a happy mood, she was a bit confused.

“Mike, is everyone OK?”

“How are your parents?”

Before Mike could respond, the loud cry went up again.

“Aunty, we are happy today.” Sharon said joyfully.

Sophia held them closely with trembling hands.

“Mike, Sharon go inside and finish your assignment.” Their mother ordered them while holding her phone on the left ear. She dropped her debtors’ book on the stool and sat on her favourite chair under the tree.

“Mama Patience, let’s continue our discussion and don’t allow this good-for-nothing graduate disturb our peace.” She said loudly and continued with her phone conversation.

She hissed as soon as Sophia passed her side to enter into the sitting room.

“Mama Patience, how about the man from Chief Dennis’ family?”

“Oh, you mean Dr. Andy?” Mama Patience asked.

“Of course. Have you given the deal to another bidder?” She demanded.

“Noooo. Nobody can compete with Rebecca, the great business woman and win”

“Hurry up before this Sophia takes her away. You know you will get your own share from the marriage transaction.” She told Mama Patience.

“What’s happening?” Sophia wondered as she entered the sitting room.

The loud cry went up again and she rushed to the backyard only to see a group of actors rehearsing for the forthcoming annual festival in the town.

“Welcome home, Sophia the daughter of the land. Your great grandfather was the founder of this group and may you continue to prosper in your endeavours…” One of them sang but Sophia wasn’t interested and she went inside.

She heaved a sigh of relief and turned to go to her room. She began to think about the call she received earlier but couldn’t connect the dots to what she met on ground.

She waved the thought aside and dropped her handbag in order to open the door to her room.

Then her phone rang, she picked it and moved towards the store room for stronger network connection.

“Hello, I am your well wisher, please come to the pharmacy store near the police station.”

Before she could reply, the caller hung up.
Sophia stood still without blinking her eyes and her mind was activated to receive signal for the next step to take.

Suddenly, she began to hear some footsteps around her.

“Definitely something strange is happening in this house.” she whispered.

As soon as she picked her handbag, coming towards her was…

To be continued in Episode 8.

Olumide Fatunsin

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