VOYAGE WITH THE CAPTAIN (Episode 6) – Olumide Fatunsin

Before Sophia could turn around to know the reason her sister shouted, Uncle Joe pushed her against the wall.

“Who will come under your roof? Have you forgotten your destiny is in my hand? He boasted.

Stella rushed to lift her sister from the ground.

“Sister, are you alright? I am with you. Don’t worry. Your destiny isn’t in his hand and will never be in his hand.”

Aunty Rebecca grabbed Stella and looked straight into her eyes and sworn,

“I will smear your beautiful face and no one will recognise you again, even your sister.”

Uncle Joe shouted on them angrily,

“You are making progress under my roof, eating and drinking from my hard earned money and you still have the guts to challenge my wife.”

On hearing this, Sophia rose up not minding the sprain in her left hand and told her sister to follow her to the main road.

“Miss Sophia, I have an assignment for Stella.” Uncle Joe ordered.

Stella held her closely and Sophia felt an unusual feeling.

“Why are you afraid, Stella?”

She didn’t respond but another outburst from Uncle Joe made her to flee to the backyard.

To avoid another confrontation with her Uncle, Sophia left the house pulling her luggage with her right hand.

Sophia was troubled all the way to her University and couldn’t eat until late in the evening.

She tried calling her phone but didn’t go through. This heightened her worries but she took solace in their Psalms 35 recitations they did during the previous night.

“Sophia, is everything OK?” Kate, her roommate asked.

“You know my worries.” Sophia replied while looking at her Economics textbooks and novels on the table.

“I have told you many times to allow my fiancé take up the case of your Uncle” Kate replied.

“No… No… This is a family affair.” Sophia said reluctantly.

“Hee… hee… Family affairs indeed! Wait until he takes your father’s only property and your eyes will be opened. Like I have been telling you, if you don’t take the bull by the horns, I’m afraid you may lose both ways.” Kate told her the truth.

Sophia looked at her suspiciously and hissed.

After a while, there was a knock on the door and a tall and handsome man came in.

“Frederick my honey! You are welcome! I have been waiting for you” Kate hugged him.

Sophia greeted him and continued with her assignment.

After three days, Stella called to inform her sister about some men clearing their father’s land.

“Did you ask Uncle?”

“Ha! Joe, I mean Uncle Joe will strangle me like he did to…”

“Stella, he strangled who? Tell me, who strangled who?” Sophia asked anxiously.

“Sister, I am at the backyard and the Pharaoh’s wife is watching me from her gossip chamber. We will talk later.” Stella said in a low tone.

“OK, be careful. Just find out what is happening on our father’s land. Please, take care.”

After one month, she received a strange call from someone who preferred to remain anonymous.

“Joe… Your uncle… is…”

“Hello… Hello… Hello” Sophia couldn’t hear the fainting words of the caller again.

She thought for a while on what to do and what might have befallen Uncle Joe. She immediately called her sister but she didn’t pick it.

Without wasting time, she left for their town. Many thoughts crowded her semi-occupied mind but one thought stood out: Her application for a Masters program.

When she alighted, she managed to respond to greetings from the young boys she had taught during their school vacation.

“Aunty Sophia, I am making progress in my studies.” Sunny held her hand with a grateful look.

The other boys left their football on the small field and ran to meet her.
Sophia smiled and encouraged them but dismissed them quickly to face the realities ahead.

Just few meters to their compound, her phone rang.

“Kate, I had left before you came back from the birthday party. I need to attend to something here.”

“No problem. Since it is about your family matters and the land issue, you can as well deal with it.” Kate replied.

“Kate, how did you know about the land issue?”

“Don’t worry. Uncle Joe is waiting for you. Bye”

Sophia hung up and sighed mildly.

When she entered into their compound, she began to hear loud cry of some people…

To be continued in Episode 7.

Olumide Fatunsin

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