VOYAGE WITH THE CAPTAIN (Episode 5) – Olumide Fatunsin

As soon as she turned to go back to the house, a huge man stood in front of her.

“Who are you?” Stella asked him while holding the luggage firmly.

The man didn’t answer her but shook his head sideways. Out of curiosity, she turned her head and saw four hefty men beside a car holding her sister across the road.

When she tried to run, the man held her left arm and whispered into her ears,

“When elephants fight, it is the grass that gets hurt.”

“Who is the elephant? Who is the grass?” She asked with a trembling voice.

The man gently led her across the road to meet them. When they got there, one of the men called Obtruso, holding a pistol threatened to blow off their heads if they refused to obey their instructions.

“What do you want from us?” Sophia asked angrily.

“Go and inform your aunt never to step into Chief Anslem’s compound or ask for the balance of the goods again” Osloman threatened.

“Go and tell her. At least, you know her house.” Stella replied with a renewed courage.

Obtruso slapped her face and threatened to slap her again if she uttered a word.

Out of desperation to defend her sister, Sophia struggled to release herself from their grip. Seeing her helplessness, Osloman ordered them to release her.

She ran to hold and comfort her sister who had staggered because of the hard slap on her face. The wound she sustained the previous day started bleeding again. Sophia couldn’t find a cotton wool in her luggage but used a handkerchief to clean her face.

“I will marry Stella. I love her.” One of the men said sheepishly.

“Are you out of your mind, Blacky? Have you forgotten the mistake you made yesterday? Osloman asked.

“Hey guys! You know I like beautiful ladies but Stella is an angel. If not for this short blacky, we would have done the deed.” Pawpaw boasted.

Obtruso silenced them and told them to face their urgent business. To avoid another altercation, Sophia promised to inform their aunt.

Blacky came near Stella and whispered, “Stella baby, you are mine!”

Obtruso charged at him and dealt three hard blows on his face.

“Blacky, this is our chance to repay you for your stupidity.” he said while holding his trousers.

“Don’t mind him. He refused to touch Joyce, the bread seller and he now wants to marry Stella, the beautiful and special one. I think you are dreaming.” Osloman said jokingly.

The sisters didn’t utter a word. When the men were thoroughly convinced, they departed in their car.

“Aunty Rebecca is wicked.” Stella cried.

“Let’s go back and inform her.” Sophia said while pulling her luggage along the dusty road.

When they reached the house, Aunty Rebecca confronted them to mind their utterances.

They looked at each other and wondered how she knew what they were about to say.

“Stella, you will pay dearly for the mistake you made yesterday. I had thought you are wise but you are a fool. A village fool.” Their aunt railed.

Sophia beckoned to her not to reply her.

“And you Sophia, your days are numbered in this house. Mark my words!” She confronted her.

“Of course Aunty Rebecca. I know that and you will still come under my roof someday.” Sophia said looking straight into her eyes.

“Ha, Sister Sophia! Move!” Stella shouted.

Before Sophia could turn around to know the reason her sister shouted…

To be continued in Episode 6.

Olumide Fatunsin

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