Proverbs 11:24

You come out of poverty through knowledge and not prayer and fasting.


1. Choose to walk by covenant.
2. Walk in Faith.

In the world, you gather to be wealthy but in the Kingdom you scatter to be wealthy. When you sow financial seeds, you reap ever increasing harvest.
2 Corinthians 9:8

No man can get an increase when he hasn’t planted seed into the Kingdom of God and humanity.

Genesis 8:22
Matthew 6:33

I have to plant in the Kingdom for God to give me increase.

Can I walk into a bank and collect money when I have made no deposits?

You can’t withdraw from God’s Account when you have made no deposit.
You don’t go asking God for harvest when you haven’t planted seed.
All those prayer points are nonsense prayer points.


Giving was taught me by Oyedepo but I learnt to receive by Mike Murdock.

Tithing opens the windows of Heaven and offerings pour out increase.
Malachi 3:8-12

If you put your hand on a naked wire, it was you not the wire that caused it.
If you fail to tithe, you have brought yourself under a course by yourself.
Non-tithing can cause you your life.
Two people died last month, the cake from another church and they don’t believe in tithing .

When we say pay tithe, we are not after your money…your life.
God cannot break scriptures.
You don’t use disobedience to break scriptures. You don’t use one juju to cover another juju.

Satan has nothing good in him, he is the devourer. God will only stop him when you tithe.
Satan asks questions.
Most cases, those who don’t tithe don’t enjoy it.

I am not asking for you to give tithe because I’m broke.
I am rich.

Young girls, with all your pancake, if you are not a tithed you will not be attractive but distractive.
If you cover with pancake without tithing, it is pancake men that will be following you.

Tithe is 10 per cent of every legitimate income.

Tithing is not optionaland non tithing is robbing God. It brings you under a curse.

Tithing establishes our obedience.
Proverbs 20:25

You endangering your life when you tamper with what belongs to God.
You tithe on gross not on net.
You tithe before bills are paid.

Where should the tithe be given?
Beggars? Charity organizations?

The tithe goes to the storehouse.
Your local church.
The place you receive the word of God.
You don’t divide in 2 places.
You can do that to offering.
You drop it here and Jesus receives in Heaven.

Tithing is fixed.
You demonstrate obedience by tithing and demonstrate love by giving.

Solomon’s proof of love was his offering.
You don’t love government by paying tax.
You show love by philanthropy.


What is an offering?
Anything you give to God beyond your tithe of 10 per cent.
You decide how much to give as offerings and not tithe.
The size of your offering determines the measure or rate God will bless you.

2 Corinthians 9:7
How do I give an acceptable offering?
Not every offering is acceptable by God?
You buy car for a girl -N5 million and you are giving God N2000. That’s an insult.
Any man who does not give to God, Small small girls eat their money until they become broke. Till they get stroke. They sell their car and everything.

A. Give willingly and cheerfully.
Exodus 35:5
2 Corinthians 8:12
God will never tell you to give something you don’t have.
Anything you can’t give God more than what you give yourself including profit sharing, God isn’t the head of that business.
If God is the head, he will be the head in the business too.
In Nigerian government, the President is the highest paid.

Let your offering be given to accomplish God’s purpose.
Ecclesiastes 11:4
If you follow pandemic, you won’t sow.

Courtesy: Church Gist

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