HOW TO SPELL SUCCESS – Pst. Tope Popoola

Her desperation was palpable as she knelt and prayed on the altar. She reminded you of Hannah in the temple when she prayed for a son.
“Lord take this terrible habit from me. I am tired of being controlled by it. Lord set me free. If you do, I will never go back to it I promise”

The pastor moved close, wondering what could be the cause of this tear-moistened supplication. He saw the woman clutching a pack of cigarettes and literally waving it on the altar as she went on,

“Lord, take cigarettes away from mylife. It is affecting my health and relationships. I am fed up” she sobbed.
The pastor tapped her on the shoulder and said to her, “Madam, let me have the pack of cigarettes, and make sure you don’t go picking up another after leaving here.”

As if woken out of a trance, she sprang back and shot at the pastor, “Why should I? It’s mine, not yours! And I have no intention of handing it over to you or anyone else for that matter!”

Can you relate? How many times have you prayed about something you don’t want in your life but lack the courage of conviction to simply walk away from?

A meaningful life is about TRADE-OFFS. What are you willing to give up in order to get what you truly desire. Very often, what stops our advancement into the future is the baggage of the present that we clutch to!

No one climbs the ladder of success with his hands in his pocket. To go up, there is always something you must give up.

Your salvation is of no consequence If you tightly clutch to your sinful nature. To be rooted in grace, sin is the trade-off.

You can’t eat your cake and have it. You can’t have your tomorrow if you remain frozen in your today.

Salvation involved a trade-off, a very costly one at that. Even God had to give up His most precious possession, His only begotten Son, when He desired sons and daughters.

Every time you see someone who is genuinely successful, never ask what they have or express a desire for it until you know what they had to trade for it. Then ask if you can pay the same price for the same prize!

Asking God to light your path when youhave no intention of moving your feet is synonymous with insanity.
Responsibility is the price of true liberty. Another name for it is S.AC.R.I.F.I.C.E.
That is how you spell SUCCESS!
Hope this made sense to you?
Let’s meet here at 10am as I begin the series “LIVING ABOVE AND BEYOND RELIGION”

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