Don’t only train the soldiers. Make sure you have the right intelligence – Ebele UzoPeters

Man of God, many times, the problem you see in the people is not from the people. It is in the leaders. Sometimes, it is in you. And you will need to work on yourself. To adjust. align. To repent. To grow. And the people will be fine. In Exodus 17, when Joshua fought against the Amalekites, Moses was on the mountaintop with his hands lifted. Moses was the key to that battle. He was the intelligence behind the field work of Joshua.

You see, nations with successful defense systems don’t only have soldiers who man actual posts and fight the actual wars and engage the enemies in the field; they have someone sitting in an office somewhere who may never pull a trigger; but who is more valuable than 10 agents of the field.

This is what the apostles meant when they said “It is not right that we should leave the ministry of the word of God to serve tables. Choose seven men to do this but we will give ourselves to prayer and to the ministry of the word” (Acts 2:3). I marvel when people say “What do pastors do? It’s not like he has a job where he is working.” I marvel when people say er…..”It is not about prayer. Let the church act”. Aaaah! Yes Christians should act, but that “it is not about prayer” first part of the statement is a kind of deep illiteracy.

There’s always the action part of ministry and the intelligence part. And the intelligence part is slightly more important. It determines everything. That’s how every war is won; including the Cold War, not only by boots on the ground or missiles in the air; but by information gathering, analysis, monitoring and synthesis- by developing and deploying cutting edge weapons and gadgetry.

These things have been in scripture from the book of beginnings when Moses sent out twelve spies to the land of promise to bring back a report and only Jack Bauer and Jason Bourne, or is it James Bond; came back with actionable intelligence. (Numbers 13)

I kid. It was Joshua Bond and Caleb Bourne
I kid still. Joshua Nun and Caleb Jephuneh.

And the new testament is the spiritual fulfillment of a lot of physical types of the old testament. So just as Moses sent out 12 spies into the promised land; Jesus sent out 12 (but one) disciples into all the world.

The intelligence community will tell you that there are different kinds of intelligence

imagery intelligence, -aerial and space information ;

signals intelligence – electronic eavesdropping and code breaking; and

human intelligence, – a secret agent working as a spy

That is just word of wisdom, visions, word of knowledge; tongues and interpretation (code breaking)

That’s the prophet (imagery) or prophetic
The teacher (signals intelligence); and
The pastor (human intelligence)

The armor of God described in Ephesians 6 has 5 counterintelligence modalities and one offensive modality

Prayer is a form of spiritual intelligence. There is a science to it. There are kinds of prayers for different kinds of issues. There is a “science” to it. Father Nash was the intelligence behind Charles G. Finney. He will get into any city days before Finney was to go minister, find a quiet spot and begin groaning in the spirit and Finney will come there and great revivals will break out. He never appeared on stage with Finney. Have you never seen those CIA movies where an intelligence head will go alone or with a small team and set up a small office and then things begin to happen in that city or country? That’s intelligence.

Holiness is a form of spiritual intelligence. When the intelligence is faulty, agents in the field are compromised and may die cheaply.

Jesus was tempted at all points yet without sin. He was perfectly obedient to the Father. He learnt obedience and this qualified Him to be the captain and author of our salvation. He learnt it.

Obedience is a form of spiritual intelligence. The apostle Paul said none of the princes of this world knew what was in play; that had they known, they would not have crucified the Lord of glory (1 Corinthians 2:8)

And the Word became flesh. Our very first Undercover Agent of eternal relevance. Infiltrated the Adamic Race and busted the Devil’s ring.

Sometimes the problem is with the leaders, or the source of the problem is there. A holy man is a mighty weapon in the hands of God. A prayerful man makes tremendous power available dynamic for the perfecting of the saints, for the work of ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ.

Don’t only train the soldiers. Make sure you have the right intelligence. Sound word. Sound conduct. Rich koinonia with God. Spiritual gifts. Amen.

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