Today we met this lady in the village after reaching several others.

At first in bitterness she told us she doesn’t want us to preach to her.

She felt God had disappointed her as she had served God faithfully in the past, yet all she has experienced has been pains and disappointment.

It took quite some time before we could get her to listen to us.

She said she noticed whenever she was following God her situation got worse hence for the past five years she decided to be on her own and stop going to church.

Her husband had abandoned her with 2 children.

She couldn’t get a land for a farm and her own apartment in the village.

She had to work for a lady who gives her money to take care of her children.

In this picture she was processing (frying) casava for that lady.

By God’s grace we were able to get her to see how much God already did to demonstrate His love for her.

After hearing the gospel and truth of why we need to follow God today, no matter what happens, she made a fresh commitment to God and decided to return to Church.

She also openly forgave others who hurt her including her ex husband who abandoned her with her children to suffer.

There was a glow on her the moment she decided to forgive.

However there was a problem:

She had no clothes nor shoes to wear to church.

I promised to get her a Bible and some clothes, and shoes before church next Sunday. She was excited at such good news.

As we were about leaving God spoke to my heart to settle her financial issues.

I was to give to her and tell my friends, and Partners too about it so we can raise money for her, to start up a business.

I returned to her and took this picture, and told her I was going to tell my friends to join me to help her start up a business.

In obedience to God, I kindly call you to join me put an end to this woman’s suffering, and put a smile on her face.

We will be transparent & accountable on this.

If you want to join us to do this, kindly send your contribution to the following account details;


BANK: Access Bank

Account Number: 0725467955

Account Name: Save the Lost Gospel Evangelistic Ministry


Evangelist Oghogho I.

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