He was 12. The next thing we read, He was 30 – Opeyemi Ologun Oshaloto

He was 12. The next thing we read, He was 30.

What happened in those 18 years? It wasn’t something that was recorded in the Holy Bible, and many of us would likely itch to satisfy our fancy.

Reason we have supporting records with likelihoods of what Jesus was up to during those years, even when it pleased God to be silent about it.

This period is often called the silent years of Jesus – after learning that He increased in wisdom and in stature and in favor with God and man – nothing more until his ministry began.

Also, we had brother Paul whose narrative in Galatians states that 14 years after his conversion he went again to Jerusalem. It is not known what happened during this time, however, some details were provided.

Silent years/moments aren’t strange occurrences in the scripture. Moses experienced same when He fled Egypt, Likewise Joseph when he was in Prison.

Unfortunately, many of us dread silent moments. We are eager to have everything going on like a speed-rail. We’re dissatisfied when we are not ‘busy’ and having people acknowledge our busyness.

The thoughts that nothing ‘worthwhile’ is happening in our lives almost makes us nut. We’re unsettled that we aren’t counting achievements and smashing goals like many of our friends.

Dear friend, can we consider this together? Don’t you know the Lord doesn’t record progress like the world do? If all He desires is that we seat and keep learning; we’d better not be found doing something else.

If He wants us out of job so we can totally yield ourselves to Him in uninterrupted and undiluted worship, we’d better not be stressing it to redesign cover letters and printing CV.

If He is intentionally shielding us from friends (who aren’t necessarily bad people) that can distract and derail us from the path of purpose, we’d better not be fighting and struggling to bring them into our lives by all means because we feel lonely.

Whether we like it or not, silent years are often essential for anyone who is on the path of purpose. Whose life is precious in the eyes of our Father. Whose heritage is the divine nature of God.

Whenever He calls us to the quarry, that He may work thoroughly on us; to consecrate our gain unto Him, threshed of chaff and refined of dross, I hope we’ll heed.

I hope when He calls, and even if our hands our filled, we’ll be willing to let it all go to be with Him – to strengthen, mold, empower, teach, transform and heal us. That we won’t struggle to announce ourselves, but patiently wait for His set-time.

I hope. I hope and also pray that we won’t be bitter through this period, but be willing to go through the journey as He would lead us.

© Opeyemi Ologun Oshaloto

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